Go Time

Dreams 05.16.17

It was a post apocalyptoc world, either zombies or something gruesome. People now lived in internment camps like Hunger Games zones. For some reason out of our control, I was living in a camp which seemed to be mostly women and I was separated from my bf. Luckily I had my puppies with me.

There was much tension in the camp, amongst other people and between my sister and me. She said some not so nice things about bf even thougj she doesn’t know him at all, not one bit. Other people got into it with me too at some townhall type meeting.

We were all sitting on rafters, looking down at the middle area wr had designated as the speakong platform. They were mad that I had dogs with me, that I was prioritizing their lives over people’s lives by giving them food and shelter space over people.

I wrapped the dog leashes tighter around my balled up fists as I sat through their tirade. Then it was my turn to speak. I stood up and spoke passionately, from the heart. I told them the dogs were an asset to the camp. I told them how they could help us hunt in the outer areas and warn us of dangers that approached. All the while, I imagined them vividly in my mind’s eye, being these amazing tough dogs doing these things even though they had never done it in their lives.

People seemed moved by my retort and I changed the subject to people instead. My speech became motivational. I opined that if we stuck together and encouraged each other, we’ll all make it throigh this because this is our family now.

When I was done there were loud murmurs amongst the group. There was a lot of drama and emotion in people’s faces but it was clear to us all – now it’s go time.


Cruise Launch Under a Purple Sky

Dreams 09.21.12
Eating in a corner congee restaurant. It had dark tile walls and bottom halves of the walls, booth were lined with brushed chrome. The place was cramped and busy. I finished my bowl of congee quickly and got up out of my booth, out to the street. I saw that it was dusk at a busy port city. The sky was becoming a deep purple.

Then I was walking with a small group of people, carrying luggage (I was carrying a few duffle bags, arms extended out beside me), heading towards the dock, towards a cruise ship. Somewhere in the group was also my mother, I was carrying her luggage but I didn’t see her. I was talking to a person beside me who turned out to be JR. He wasn’t actually coming on the cruise ship but he was helping someone else carry luggage. As the group walked down the steep steps from the dock to the ship, he was basically inviting me to his private boat. I asked how big his boat was and he said he was like this small cruise ship, but without the second partitioned structure. In the dream I understood that to mean that the space was about the size of a detached home of 2500 square feet. Then I thought to myself that it would be nice and accepted the invitation for another time.

Down on the upper decks of the cruise ship, a lot of passengers were just standing around, the ocean wind just whipping around them. I approached 2 people who were supposed to be my brother in law and sister. They looked cold. My sister had her sleeves pulled down and hands retraced into her sweater. I took out 3 hand knit berets and gave one to each of them. Then I put the last one on my own head making sure to cover my ears. My brother in law took my example and pull the beret over his ears. My sister had it on her head but not quite covering the ears. I yelled out to her to pull it lower because it would keep her warmer. She still couldn’t hear or understand because of the wind. My brother is law yelled louder and adjusted her beret. Then she understood.

Then I was in the sub/lower deck of the ship which was very much like a basement. It had a lot of my old friends and it looked like my highschool ex’s parents’ house. People were in a game of blindfold tag. I was kind of playing too but was trying to hide in the dark stairs hallway to stay out of game. Everyone else was running around in circles and squealing in childlike joy.

Dip in a Dark Pool

Dreams 08.11.12
Last night I slept on the couch but had a really hard time sleeping. I twisted and turned for many hours. By the time I drifted off to sleep it was about 4 something in the morning. I dreamt that I was in a very small pool/large hot tub with my sister. We were splashing each other making jokes. The pool room was dark with a faint diffuse light that seemed to only touch the pool area. I couldn’t really tell if the surrounding walls were really dark grey just a few feet back from the pool’s edge or it was actually just darkness.

My sister was at the end of the pool and I was in the middle looking at her. On the left side of the pool out of the corner of my eye, I saw a skinny brown dude just wading. He looked kind of nerdy and had his glasses on. He was fumbling to take it off and set it aside. I leaned back, floated on my back for a bit then let myself sink and be submerged in the water. I think I stayed under a little longer, seeing if I would drown. I stared up at the ceiling through the water, vision completely blurred. That’s when I told myself “You are dreaming. You are dreaming. You are dreaming. Control yourself.” But I didn’t really have a goal of what should happen.

Then I heard footsteps, someone coming into the kitchen (right beside the living room where I was sleeping). I don’t think my eyes were actually open. I thought and was afraid that husband had come downstairs. I did not want him to see me and be annoyed that I was sleeping soundly but I just didn’t want to deal with him. Then I thought I saw my dog (with my eyes still closed) climb up the couch to the blankets by my knees. But I didn’t feel any weight. Then I think I woke up and wasn’t sure if anyone or the dog actually came downstairs or not. I think at some point I checked the time. After a little while, I did eventually drift back to sleep.

So for a few seconds at least, I knew I was dreaming so guess that counts as being lucid.

Swimming and Playing in a Cubicle

Dreams 06.18.12

Dream 1:
I was swimming in and then walking by a pool. It had high ceilings like in a community centre/gym. Husband commented on how “shitty” it was but I actually thought it was pretty nice. Then I see my mom and she told me gossip about my bf. Bf’s black friend, Roland (completely fictitious person!) who works for their it company said that bf was hesitant about the wedding because of something. What that is I cannot remember.

Dream 2:
I am sitting in my office cubicle (not the same as one irl) typing away on the keyboard. Strangely now that I think back, I’m not even sure the computer was on. Maybe I was only pretending to work. Anyway my sister was working a few cubicles away and I went over to say hi.

When I returned to my desk I had a handful of tiny 2 cm cube-like figurines. They were talking toys from a Happy Meal or something. I pressed a button on each of them in turn and they announced their recorded lines perfectly from whatever movie or cartoon they originated from. I just kept pressing the buttons over and over, amused by how such a small toy could be so loud. I was also admiring the detail of the small figurines which were of a surprisingly good quality.

I overheard a few groans in the cubicles around me complaining of the incessant noise from my toys. To muffle the sound, I crumpled up a sweatshirt and placed it over them and continued to make the toys talk.

TouchCar Racing

Dream 05.18.12

I was walking with roommate to the car to catch a ride. We get into sports car and I expected him to drive at first but I ended up driving instead. The car was controlled by an ipod touch type of device, which used the gyro sensor and touch gestures to turn the actual vehicle. From inside the car, it looked like we were on a really crazy racetrack and I missed most of the turns skidding of the track at all the sharp turns. We finally arrived at our destination after a harrowing few laps around the track.

Then I was in a big mall with tall ceilings, big skylights, etc. It’s always like that in my dreams. I was with a bunch of coworkers going somewhere, walking. We walked through an empty closed foodcourt.

Then we were outside and it started drizzling. Boss n boss’ boss walked ahead of us. They opened a big black golf umbrella. I was behind them walking with the tall blond publisher AW and the shorter web producer now turned contractor KR. I offered them my little folding umbrella because my jacket had a hood. They politely refused so I opened it up for them. KR was jumping to get under the umbrella radius so I handed it off to her. The blonde said it’s not actually that bad as I pulled up the hood. Then the droplets of rain became bigger.

In another part or another dream, I was at some a really big party. Not much that I can remember from it. At one point I may have been on the floor, still inebriated, struggling to sit or get up because I was so weak. In another part of the party dream, I walked by my sister smoking on the front porch. She doesn’t smoke IRL.

Weddings, Engagements and Zoning Out

Dream 05.02.12
My sister/bestie is visiting. They were kind of blended into one character, I’m not sure if it was both of them or sometimes one or the other. We were busy planning activities to do while she was here. My husband seemed to also be around but I never saw him once in the dream. Anyway I was trying to plan all possible activities while avoiding df on purpose. I was feeling a bit sad about it having to do that.

In a parking lot, I confess that fact to sister/bestie. They said they knew what I was trying to do and had considered breaking “us” up (not sure if she meant me+df since we were not together or me+husband) but had decided against it so I would make my own decision.

I was upset that they stood by and did nothing (even though it was my own fault). I ran away from her and it started pouring rain Sister/bestie came running after me.

Then it was bestie n her fiancee’s wedding reception. They are engaged IRL. I was there either with or without husband. I thought he might be there but didn’t really know in the dream. I didn’t see him and felt like I was there alone and was wondering if other people noticed.

Bestie called me over to where she was and she showed me the special dress she picked out for the occasion. I remember thinking it was kind of loud, not necessarily ugly but too much for my tastes. Also, I didn’t know what specific occasion she meant. Then there was an announcement that it was the couple’s first dance. I was feeling very happy for her as she went over to the “front” but then I couldn’t see her anymore over the crowd.

Then I was kind of zoned out at the party and realized bestie needed help with something but I was spaced out and did not come to her aid right away and there was nothing I could do at that point.

I was sitting on a couch just people watching at the reception. Music was playing. I overhear a conversation where they were discussing someone’s sketch and they actually had it in front of them. When I rolled/turned to them to try to join and and catch a glimpse of the sketch, they just kind of turned away and started talking about something else.

Dinner started. Someone down the bench table said something about a store that I regularly go to, that they sell full collections of a particularly geeky comic. I didn’t read the comic but knew of it and was interested but I was too embarassed and didn’t want people to know I went to this store.

Then I overhear another conversation where my old highschool friend Zann’s friends (Zann was not there) were talking about something I knew about. I can’t quite remember what happened here but I don’t think I joined in.

Later on way home on the subway, I run into Zann and we decide to go out and meet up with other people. We went to an underground lounge/bar/drink n draw / karaoke place. Just before we went down the stairs, we both texted people who were already there for the room #. She got the response. When we went in, turns out it was P+K (the two just got engaged IRL recently after being together for many years and at one point things got rocky and had broken up for about 6 months). I was happy to see two friends who I wasn’t close to but have known for a long time. When I saw them and how happy they were together, I felt alone again that I was married but “on my own”. I don’t know if lonely is the right word to describe the feeling. It’s more like I’m not actually “on my own” but it felt that way anyway and I knew it wasn’t the “right” feeling to have.

Then I was riding the subway again. This time I was with my cousin C (who has broken off her own engagement because she knew they were about to get married for the wrong reasons) and another friend who I can’t put a name to now. I was lost in my own thoughts and suddenly realized that they had gotten off the train at their stop. That’s what I deduced anyway since they were no longer on the train with me. I looked out the doors to see if I could still see them but found a very empty platform. I wondered where they were and finally came to the realization that I had zoned out. I felt bad and stupid.

Pictures with my Girlfriend

Dream 04.13.12

I was at a university campus, talking to my girlfriend. She has dark hair, a teal plaid shirt, skirt, leggings and sneakers. I was asking her to wait beside a brick wall while I run inside the school building to talk to my husband quickly. She seemed anxious or nervous.

I ran inside and found my husband in his work orange safety uniform, strutting down the hall. I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around. He instantly started to brag loudly about something he did at work. His work buddy SH showed up and said hi. He was being friendly but they were both too loud for me at the time. I asked my husband, “How much longer?” And he grinned and said “Maybean hour…or something.”

I turnedto go outside, in my head working out if that wa’s enough time to spend with the girlfriend. Approaching the door, I increased my pace to a jog. Through the glass door, I could see her in the distance waiting. Then it looked like she was walking away. I thought she wasn’t waiting anymore so I started to run in hopes of catching up to her. When I was outside the building and had a better vantage point, it turned out she was actually walking closer to the building to meet me. I was relieved and happy.

She stopped in front of the steps leading up to building where a big group was posing for a photo. I approached her in an arc (from stairs looking down, and did a 270 dolly around her) so I was looking slightly back towards the steps. Behind her, I saw her, sitting on a stool, playing guitar and singing into a mic.

I walked up to her (thr standing her) and she joked that we should jump in front of the camera for a picture. My sister and Will were there suddenly and they were about to take the picture for us when my friend MP from uni said they should jump in too and she would take the pic. My sister hands her the camera. MP set the camera, lense front in, on the back ledge of a SUV so she could adjust the strap. I saw this and was panicking on the inside so I snatched it up right away to prevent it from getting scratched. Then she took it from my hands, saw the bottom and exclaimed, “Ooh swallow lense!” Apparently a fancy new lense mount – I had a vision of the demo video showing how it worked after she said that. Then we both made the Transformer robot sound and giggled to each other.

The SUV’s (which was blue by the way) hatch opens. The back area was brand spanking new. The moulded plastic was pristine and still had that new plastic non-oily but slick sheen to it. I was very impressed and imagined the second use of the back “pod” area, which was that it could be detached to use as a floating platform for transporting things/luggage across water.

Backroom Puzzles

Dreams 04.08.12

There are 2 elements from this dream that occured before the rest that I am logging here. I managed to only remember those 2 elements this morning. Then suddenly I remembered the rest and for about 5 minutes I had it all in my head. A quick walk from the closet to the washroom and the first 2 bits just vanished. Frustrating how memory works.

I was in a room, white tiled with black leather couches along one side. The walls I am pretty sure were teal. Funny how all the walls in my dreams are painted a variation of this color. There were upside down chairs and plants against the other side, which was a big window that looked out into an area full of shrubs. It reminded me of a room that looked out to a similar view in my own elementary school. It seems to be the back storage room of a restaurant or something.

My mom and sister were sitting on one couch. An old elementary school friend, who I don’t even talk to but keep seeing his Facebook status updates, A-Ho is sitting on a stool in front of a game machine on the window side.

My sister was just lounging back ignoring everyone. My mom was rummaging through her big purse looking for something. I asked her what she was looking for, if I could help. She tossed me her purse, which I dropped to the floor. I little trinket box fell out and I opened it. There were a variety of mismatched stud earrings in the box. My mom said to me that she is looking for the “mooncake” ones. I dug through the box with my fingers but no luck. I remembered liking the other earrings I saw.

Then I heard A-Ho make thinking noises as he hovered over the game machine, he seemed very intrigued by the game. I walked over to examine it . The game was encased in a small version of a hockey table, with the chrome slide-in coin insert, white shiny plastic body and a clear scratched-up dome. The game itself consisted of coloured die stacked in a pyramid pattern. Red, blue and black marbles sat in particular “dips” around the pyramid. All this was within a circular area that was clearly moveable. I was still confused. I looked at A-Ho with a puzzled expression and he showed me that by tracing a circle with your finger above the dome, you could move the marbles and direct it to which “dip” it should go. Depending on where the marble lands, the shape, height and size of the pyramid changes. I think the object of the game was to reduce the pyramid to nothing.

He gestured to me to try it so I did. I slowly traced a half circle above the dome. The black or blue marble seemed to be following the path of my finger as if by magnetic force. I mistakenly tried to “fling” it towards a “dip” but that wasn’t how the physics of the game worked. It ended up landing in the wrong place and I could see the pyramid of dice fold up and into itself yet somehow becoming taller and bigger. The color of them were also changing. It had a bit of a kaleidoscope effect and it was very trippy. Although the ideal result was not acquired it was beautiful to watch the stack of dice grow.  obviously I made a wrong move so I walked away before I made it worse.

Then in the background, we heard someone yelling for Dave. We all laughed, the joke being that Dave must’ve fallen asleep in his office. Not entirely sure who Dave is but pretty sure it refers to df’s coworker, who for some reason has appeared in my dreams in one way or another twice now.

Rushing for Payment

Dream 04.07.12

We were coming from a family dinner. It felt like the middle of the night. My sister who is now pregnant and showing (maybe 6 months) was driving me. We were speeding down the DVP, which was much more windy in the dream.

We reached a point on the highway where we were taken by surprise as 5 lanes were suddenly blocked off and funneled down to one, the middle lane. We only slowed a little. Thank goodness there were no other cars so we were simply startled because IF we didn’t happen to be driving in the middle, we would’ve crashed and surely died.

We continued on to the univerity campus where I was supposed to run to one of the middle “sunken” buildings, up to the second floor, make a right down the hallway and find a room about 15 doors down from the stairs. There I was supposed to pay a sum of money, assuming it is for tuition. This (what I was supposed to do) was all just “played” in my head as my sister pulled over to let me out after we arrived on campus.

Note: I had some difficulty recalling anything from my dreams for about 30 minutes. Husband was up and about getting ready for work and I was half paying attention to him. I don’t think I recalled or attempted to recall my dreams yesterday. The dates on my journal entries are a day off from the past few days. I’ll fix this when I wake up. While trying to jog my memory, I read an article about increasing recall. Then I just lay there next to my husband while he napped for 5 more minutes and then Bam! Suddenly I remembered! I must remember never to NOT attempt recall. This muscle must keep working lest all these efforts be lost. I will now attempt WILD for the next hour. Sweet dreams to me!

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