Hippie Lawn Party

There is a party, most of it happening outdoors. There were close to a hundred people all doing various activities, mostly fueled by alcohol. There was an air of mild recklessness but overall everyone seemed to be having a good time. It felt as tho at any moment, a friendly fight might break out that could easily be broken up.

I am recording this over 16 hours after, as today has been a fairly full day, so there are lot of bits that’ve been forgotten. I remember one if husband’s old friends was there, he was a cute one, with a sly smile and boyish good looks. He was there happily drunk with his /fiancée on his arm. (I just saw that they got engaged on Facebook, I really don’t know either of them.) Then I heard husband say some snide remark about the state of his friend, about how he wasn’t ready, etc. He basically predicted doom. I was annoyed with him but just ignored.

I walked away to the parking lot for a bit to get away. I ran up to a white van where a cameraman I knew and his family was in, he laughed at me and asked if I wanted to join him for a smoke. I was leaning against his passenger window, talking over someone. I declined the differ because I would have to go back to my mother’s side and I did not want to smell like smoke. They started puffing away while laughing at me. Then they drove off.

I can’t remember the rest. Now it’s time for another dream, another sleep.


Smoker’s Alley and a Bonerific Conversation

Dreams 06.22.12

Some parts of last nights dream are much more vivid than others. And they’re not even really “vivid”, just describable in sentences vs. ingle words that don’t make sense.

The first part of the dream, all I can remember is: humid, A, B, C. Don’t ask me what that means…it’s very strange.

Next, I was walking with a coworker outside an industrial building that I worked at. There was mesh fencing on the right that created a pathway, an entrance to the building. A bunch of smokers were leaning against it, chatting it up. We approached and joined them.

One of the people was my old boss from the cement place. I had just thought about him a few days ago, wondering how he was. He was an older, fat gentlemen in his mid 50k’s – very nice man but always kind of sad. His health wasn’t the greatest either. I remember that he used to like watching Dancing With the Stars. I hope he is well.

He seemed happy in the dream. From standing in the smoker’s pit, suddenly we were indoors standing at the entrance of a casino/ballroom place. Two hot skanky bitches dressed in red and white dresses (the kind that is sleeveless, structured but tight with a bit of rouching – only worn by rich gold-digger types in luxury catalogs – the kind thay if you threw a blazer on it it looks all business but take it off at night and it becomes hooker business) walked up behind him, took him by the arms and led him downstairs towards the ballroom. My old boss was really laughing and enjoying himself then. He looked like he was drunk.

Then from where I stood, looking out over the ballroom/casino floor, I see another woman look up at me as she walked under the overhanging ledge where I was. There was a spark of recognition in both of us and I couldn’t say who it was at first. Then the person beside me said she was so-and-so and I instantly had the name and corrected them. I can’t remember who I said it was now.

After that I think there are holes I cannot remember. The final bit I can recall well enough is that there was a party at a house. I was rotating around talking with people. Then I go into another room to look for my “significant other”. In the dream it turns out to be my godbrother F (who I did have a massive prepubescent crush on during grades 5-7. He is now happily married with 2 children). He was talking to a couple of other people. I stood beside him and put my arms around his waist, expecting him to do the same while listening to the conversation. F put his arm across my neck, hand on the shoulder. I felt a little “rejected” for some reason because I guess the shoulder hug wasn’t enough. But they WERE very engrossed in the conversation so I wrapped both my arms around his torso, gave it a big squeeze and maneuvered myself under his arm so that he held me closer (ie. Upper arm across neck, forearm dangling off my shoulder). He continued talking and looked at me all the while I was doing it, asking, “What are you doing?” And I responded with my eyes, “Don’t you bother yourself with me!” Then I settled myself in, leaning my body against his kind of half sitting on the outside half his left leg. Then because of the way our bodies were much closer now, I could feel a slight movement beneath his jeans with my arm on his thigh. He was getting aroused. I was amused, excited and satisfied with that. However I also realized why he wasn’t holding me closer earlier, because he didn’t want THAT to happen. Then I just continued to listen and hoped I would not make him embarrass himself.

TouchCar Racing

Dream 05.18.12

I was walking with roommate to the car to catch a ride. We get into sports car and I expected him to drive at first but I ended up driving instead. The car was controlled by an ipod touch type of device, which used the gyro sensor and touch gestures to turn the actual vehicle. From inside the car, it looked like we were on a really crazy racetrack and I missed most of the turns skidding of the track at all the sharp turns. We finally arrived at our destination after a harrowing few laps around the track.

Then I was in a big mall with tall ceilings, big skylights, etc. It’s always like that in my dreams. I was with a bunch of coworkers going somewhere, walking. We walked through an empty closed foodcourt.

Then we were outside and it started drizzling. Boss n boss’ boss walked ahead of us. They opened a big black golf umbrella. I was behind them walking with the tall blond publisher AW and the shorter web producer now turned contractor KR. I offered them my little folding umbrella because my jacket had a hood. They politely refused so I opened it up for them. KR was jumping to get under the umbrella radius so I handed it off to her. The blonde said it’s not actually that bad as I pulled up the hood. Then the droplets of rain became bigger.

In another part or another dream, I was at some a really big party. Not much that I can remember from it. At one point I may have been on the floor, still inebriated, struggling to sit or get up because I was so weak. In another part of the party dream, I walked by my sister smoking on the front porch. She doesn’t smoke IRL.