Lakeside Retreat and Wrong Places

Writing down my weekend recalls are tough. I get distracted by the need for privacy when writing out my dreams and mostly by waking up to the welcome snuggles with SFS and the puppies.

Dreams 04.22.17
This was a pleasant dream in general. I was seeing “out” into a pleasant field, backlit by sunlight. There was a small pond or inlet to a lake where are blue rowboat was tied to the tiny dock. I could see a couple of Adirondack chairs by the dock and there was splashing and movement. One of the chairs was occupied by a woman. Then SFS’s friend M approached me and invited me to go join them by the lake from my perch, so he could introduce me to his friend SFS. (I was peering out onto this inviting scene from my porcelain throne in my condo…) I was reaching down on the ground grabbing at something, trying to shove it to the sides so no one would see. When I got up, I was holding what o tried to hide – a pair of shiny black vinyl platform stripper boots that someone had once passed on to me when they decided to retire. I went into the bedroom and tossed them to the side then eagerly ran out to the lake to join the others. I woke up from this dream feeling quite happy.

Dreams 04.23.17
I was either interviewing other workers and cleaners in the house or I was a new cleaner learning the ropes from another cleaner. Lots missing from this recall. I think I was taught verbally what I was supposed to do and where I should be doing it. However I’m pretty sure that when I looked out the window from where I was “supposed” to be, the view out was unexpected and “wrong”. Although the view was still pleasant I remember being somewhat confused about what to do next.

Dreams 04.24.17
Again, there’s lots missing g from this recall. I was on some mission and was at the wrong location so I was out of sorts and unsure what to do.



Dip in a Dark Pool

Dreams 08.11.12
Last night I slept on the couch but had a really hard time sleeping. I twisted and turned for many hours. By the time I drifted off to sleep it was about 4 something in the morning. I dreamt that I was in a very small pool/large hot tub with my sister. We were splashing each other making jokes. The pool room was dark with a faint diffuse light that seemed to only touch the pool area. I couldn’t really tell if the surrounding walls were really dark grey just a few feet back from the pool’s edge or it was actually just darkness.

My sister was at the end of the pool and I was in the middle looking at her. On the left side of the pool out of the corner of my eye, I saw a skinny brown dude just wading. He looked kind of nerdy and had his glasses on. He was fumbling to take it off and set it aside. I leaned back, floated on my back for a bit then let myself sink and be submerged in the water. I think I stayed under a little longer, seeing if I would drown. I stared up at the ceiling through the water, vision completely blurred. That’s when I told myself “You are dreaming. You are dreaming. You are dreaming. Control yourself.” But I didn’t really have a goal of what should happen.

Then I heard footsteps, someone coming into the kitchen (right beside the living room where I was sleeping). I don’t think my eyes were actually open. I thought and was afraid that husband had come downstairs. I did not want him to see me and be annoyed that I was sleeping soundly but I just didn’t want to deal with him. Then I thought I saw my dog (with my eyes still closed) climb up the couch to the blankets by my knees. But I didn’t feel any weight. Then I think I woke up and wasn’t sure if anyone or the dog actually came downstairs or not. I think at some point I checked the time. After a little while, I did eventually drift back to sleep.

So for a few seconds at least, I knew I was dreaming so guess that counts as being lucid.