Magical Communication Gadgets

Dreams 10.12.12
Lots of holes in my recall but I’ve got a lot more today than other recent dreams. I opened a small box, a gift. It looked like a remote car started, slightly bigger but it had 4 buttons. It was off white, 3 of the buttons were grey, 1 was red. Each button had a white symbol on it. It was actually a texting / communications device. I was either interacting with my highschool ex with it or it was a gift from him.

When I pressed the buttons, somehow I would be sending fully formed sentences. I wondered what happened on the receiver end, what would they see if they had a similar device or another. Funny thing is that after each transmission, the device’s male computerized voice would say something to me. Something completely unrelated to the message but more commentary on me or on situations.

At one point, when I had another friend in the room whom I cannot identify as someone from real life, the device told me that the person I texted was “a good catch”. I had to correct it and say there was nothing between us. But the thing never responds when you talk directly to it so I could never tell if it could hear what I said. When my friend heard this, he laughed and asked me what it is. I explained to him, realizing how crazy it sounded.

Then I was going to meet a teacher at a principal’s office. For what purpose, I cannot remember. I was receiving and texting through the device and again it made its single-sided commentary. The teacher was taken aback by the device as well and we sat across each other at this dark brown wooden table while I showed her the device. I told her I was baffled at how 4 buttons could type out full messages and admitted that I didn’t know how it worked. And yet somehow I had “figured” out how to use it fully. I was confused about it but also skeptical.


Flight from My Classroom Bunker as My World is Struck Down

If last night’s dream meant something, not in a predictive way but in a representation of how I view my real world kind of way, it is pretty gloomy. I am also not happy with the way I am or what I say in the end. Read on…

Dreams 08.22.12
I am in a school’s classroom and it seemed like I was the teacher. There were only a few students, young, no more than 8 years old. They didn’t say a word and kind of disappeared in the rest of the dream. It was quiet in the classroom and the lights were off. Light was pouring in through the windows casting desk fuzzy shadows on the shiny buffed floor.

Next, I don’t know the order. I was peeking around the corner of the classroom door, out and down the hallway. I did this a few times and saw another teacher dash across the floor, scurrying along to come into my classroom, as if we expected unseen shooters or attackers. He wasn’t anybody I recognized from real life. He was going bald and had a mustache, a little like Milton from Office Space.

Then I stood a few feet away from the window listening. There were loud thundering booms overhead, coming from outside. I walked over to the window to look out and I could see gloomy grey clouds and then sunlight shining through some other clouds in another direction. A storm was coming and in the thunder clouds I saw thick fingers of lightning touching down in multiple places in the distance with a destructive force. The storm clouds were rolling in quickly, approaching the school grounds. Lightning began to strike areas of the grounds’ concrete yard, blowing up chunks as it did so.

I stuck my head out the window to look up and around at the tall school building. Half of it was destroyed and bits of rubble were falling off the sides. Another vein of lightning struck the building while I was looking up and it sent giant pieces of the building flying off and crashing to the ground just a few hundred meters in front of my window.

Then I was walking towards a car that was taking me to the airport. It was in a parking lot. Either I had little luggage or they were already in the car. I was walking, feeling light. A few people stood several feet away from the car. They were friends I did not recognize, there to see me off. In general, I’d say they were happy to see me go. Not because they didn’t want to see me anymore, just that they knew I would be going to a “better” place.

At the airport, I got onto a people mover (one of those flat escalators) moving down a long hallway with an automatic door exit at the end. Next to the exit there were a couple of lounge chairs and a man sat in one of them. When I got off the people mover, I sat in the other chair across the man, who turned out to be Batiatus from the TV show Spartacus. He was going to the same place I was heading to and I told him that it would be satisfying to watch him screw up everything when he gets there.

Post-Tripping and Cunty Highschool Bitches


Dream 1:
Woke up in a day bed by a window. I think I was Just coming back up from a p. cube trip. Something I have never experienced but been considering lately in real life. I don’t remember much after that but there was probably more.

Dream 2:
I was in my old house getting ready in the morning. I took out and set the makeup I’d use on my old white vanity table then went to get dressed in the washroom. When I come back to the room and it had turned into a classroom but vanity was still in the corner. I looked around but there were no seats near the vanity so I took a seat in the next island of tables anyway.

The teacher started the lesson. She was going through slides on a projector and she kept going too fast. Myself and a few other students requested her to slow down but the bitch just kept on going, with a smirk on her face! In fact, she deliberately quickened her pace.

I was so mad after the class was over I was storming through the halls n locker-rooms searching for something. I think I was searching for something to destroy. In a narrow hall, 2 male classmates behind were snickering about something. They were not laughing at me specifically but just making fun in general. I considered backing kicking them in the face. Instead I just turned around and charged my way past them.

Down another hallway, I see the teacher’s slides just sitting there on a sitting ledge. As I approach them, in my head thinking of good ways to destroy them, the teacher’s pet cunt blocks my way. She smugly starts to set up a perimeter around the slides with mini cones and tape. The ridiculousness really upset me and I try to go forward but her thugs stopped me.

I was really pissed off so I just turn to leave. Fuming, I climb a square pillar and stand on its ledge hugging the column. I could see the escalator go by, with many people going up it, looking up to find me in an awkward position. I was hoping that I could step off the ledge and just get carried away by it.

Someone pulls my leg and tried to coerce me to get down. Apparently I was making a scene and it’s not good for the department store business.