Drunkenly Waiting and Seduction Under Pressure of Zombie Attack

Dreams 06.15.12

I was at someone’s wedding, waiting with other friends and relatives in a ballroom with
I was way under dressed. There were many cushioned benches in the ballroom, laid out so that 2 faced each other and then 2 more in another row. There were 4 rows in total on one side of the ballroom, another 4 on the other side. The door opened and parted the benches in the middle.

We all sat around, waiting for preparations to be done. Preparations for what part of the wedding? I had no idea. We all talked, had drinks, etc. and I was getting progressively more drunk. I also noticed that compared to the other guests I was significantly under-dressed. I felt a little bad showing up in poor condition for the occasion but I was drunk so really didn’t care that much.

I must have been making my rounds in conversations because I remember at one point I was in the back row facing the back of the room. Another time I was sitting in one of the middle rows, facing the door and middle aisle. There was now a circle of chairs laid out in the middle area. A bunch of guests, a bridesmaid and I believe the bride had all taken seats there. It was like a support group setting. I didn’t know what they were talking about so I waved to the bridesmaid, who was our Best Man’s girlfriend in real life. She waved back with a smile and turned back to the group. I may be making this up but I am pretty sour someone in the circle was sobbing like a baby, it may have been the bride. The wedding never actually happened in the dream.

In another part of the dream, I was taking shelter in a house from zombies. The house was being used by a small group as a commune/zombie sanctuary. Part of the house (it was more of a mansion) had been compromised so certain hallways were walled off. We basically lived in one specific wing of the house.

I feel like I had been with the group for a short while but long enough to have free run of the place, yet I was still the “new girl”. I went to visit an old friend’s room. This old friend Richard, I have not talked to or seen since grade 4 or grade 5. I think he used to have a crush on me. In my dream, it was an adult version of him, obviously a completely fabricated image. His outer appearance was neat. His hair was almost like a bowl cut and he had big intelligent eyes. He was also shy.

When I went in his room, he seemed glad that I came for a visit. He kind of just let me roam around his room without saying anything. I walked slowly from desk to wall to shelf. It was messy but not on the floor. There were mishmash of toys, clothes, stationary, plastic and metal parts. I stopped when I saw one particular toy. It’s an old Transformer toy, it turns into a casette which can then fit into a Soundwave Transformer. It was actually in its cassette mode. My highschool boyfriend had one of these. In my dream I thought someone else I knew also had one. I made some comment that was like “Boys will never be without their toys.”

Then I remember having thoughts of seducing Richard even though I didn’t particularly find him attractive but I was bored and we were holed up, hiding from zombies. What more was I looking for? Whatever time would pass from the seduction and possible sex would be time well spent.



I was playing a top down video game, an action-rpg but I felt directly connected to main character. it was 8 bit. I was a spearwife/huntress against a all green grass area, roaming and looking for animals to hunt. The object of the game was to hunt either dinosaur or lions, big game. I was wandering for some time and couldn’t find anything. Then my game playmate who was sitting beside me in a car suggested that I drive elsewhere.

We were at the top floor of a parking garage. I drove and turned many tight corners. I didn’t know where I was going so was lost. I kept driving down the levels while wandering in the car.
We almost turned down a ramp going the wrong way and I had to back up and turn around. Finally, we made our way back to the top level.

Then it was back to the top down mode of the game. This time I got lucky and I slayed a bear or some other big game.
Then I went on and killed everything in sight: rabbits, fish, cats, stuff that was small and weren’t worth a lot of points or gold.

Next I was in a building all made of concrete on the second or third floor. the building had no walls so going to the edge of a floor meant you could just fall off. I approached a cart covered in a white plastic sheet that was wavering by the breeze. In front of it on the floor were Legos or some other small toys. I either yanked the sheet or kicked the cart to try to reveal what was hidden from sight.

I don’t remember what happened after that.

Dreams 04.03.12 (and more)

We watched Warrior last night with roommate. It was a good movie. Roommate and I made many silly comments and observations throughout and I had moments of missing df in these exchanges. I wish very much that he could have his chance to speak to my husband and that my husband could forgive him. Things would never be exactly as they were but I wish I and husband could have df back in our lives.

I also thought about the gift from my husband and about how I can’t take a good thing from him for what it is.

The movie was long. By the time it was over and I had showered and gone to bed it was 1am. I didn’t think I would dream but I asked myself about what meaning I took from the gift.

I was sitting on an armchair to the side of a classroom, observing a teacher and his class. To the right was the blackboard and teacher’s desk. To the left were the students’ desks. The teacher was more to the left, addressing the children who were about 10-12 years old.

Then they all looked toward me and I looked toward the teacher’s desk where Liquid Stranger, dressed in a robot suit was fiddling with a laptop. He kept his eye on me waiting for a cue. I nodded my head and he pressed a button. All around the classroom, the start of some Excision dubstep track came on with the signature bassy robot voice. A smile spread across my face and the students went berserk.

“Fire up the bass cannon!” The students started to stand up and respond to the song, nodding their heads and convulsing their bodies to the music. The teacher looked a little nervous but he wasn’t trying to contain their reaction. I just sat there enjoying the sounds and gave Liquid Stranger the robot props from across the room.

This next part should be part of the same dream but I don’t remember if anything happened in between. I was sitting in a workbench area in a swivelly chair. The workbench had small electronic parts, soldering iron, screws, bits all over. Stephen Chows as he looked in Kung Fu Hustle was in the chair next to me.

I knew distinctly that we were on a spaceship, travelling slowly on course to an unknown destination. Stephen Chow was the captain. I was just sitting beside him, tinkering when another crew member had come along just to chill with us. Then the captain turned to me and handed me a gadget. Apparently it’s something I’ve always wanted. I was super excited and turned the gadget over in my hands, inspecting it, all the while thanking him.

Then some of the parts came loose in my hands but the gadget wasn’t necessarily broken, just missing a few small parts that held it all together. I was a little disappointed because while it didn’t look brand new, I hadn’t expect it to fall to several pieces when I first laid hands on it. I looked at the captain and asked, “Did you know when you got it?”

He replied, “I knew but it just takes a little bit of work. I’ll fix it up for you. Don’t worry.” I was still happy and kept looking at the gadget, checking out what bits were missing and how it could be put back together.

I realized something else as well after my Honor and Pretense post. My husband is very honorable with the few people he considers trustworthy, people he considers close friends. He’s never there for anybody on an emotional level so it’s hard to tell who he thinks of as important to him. However, because he is honorable in that respect, that’s why he is so shocked and disgusted by our actions to him. This includes my betrayal, df’s disloyalty and roomie doing things behind his back.

Dreams 03.24.12

Dream 1:

It was NYE and “we” (not sure who) were party hopping between house parties and bars. I went to pick up exM at his parents house because he went to see them. I go to the washroom and then hear his parents arguing. His dad walks out and I can hear his mom crying. I hear his brother and him talking to his mom in the kitchen. She was sobbing a bit but was ok.

We left and then I just remember it was the end of the night. Our “group” was roaming about the city either trying to find our cars or grabbing a cab to carpool uptown. I remember from out of nowhere BigD (from df’s work) showed up out of nowhere at the end of his night with friends looking to catch a ride as well and maybe hoped for more.

Dream 2:
I was rummaging through a few storage containers of stuff roomie scammed from work, home, his dad. They consisted of various perfume and cologne packs, unmarked VHS tapes, shitty electronics, toys, etc. I hear people talking in another room, they are waiting for me. When I move the boxes back to their original positions, I see a bunch of Lego pieces on the floor, broken buildings and people (some where in half). It was like some kids had been playing there and a “bomb” went off to destroy the building and people.

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