Residual London Love

Dreams 03.29.13
I was in my old house where I grew up, as an adult. I was getting ready to go out somewhere. My bff and her best mate MMcH was there as well. I vaguely remember MMcH saying or looking at me disapprovingly for whatever I was about to go out to do (I can only guess what that would be). Nonetheless I was excited to be going out.

(There’s a lot missing. I woke up two times again this morning.)

Then I remember being on the Underground and Overground, riding with friends, family, new people I had met in London. It seems like everyone was getting off at other stops and I was one of the last to get off. One of the couples was getting off in the next two stop and they asked me where I was going. I said I’m getting off at this next stop. They asked again where are you going? What are you going to see? I think I just said, “There are sightseeing stops here, I’m sure I’ll find something interesting.”


Beach House and Salt Rung Ladders

Dreams 11.23.12

Night time Dream:
My emo co-worker has finally moved to new place. He invited the whole team to a house warming but everyone declined. I was there for some reason but I was sneaking around his house invisibly like a ghost. I found out he has a fake name or maybe it’s his pen name. I was looking through his writing and documents.

I remember floating down a river in a canoe or boat. I turned to look left and saw roller coaster rails. I thought then that there was another part of the dream before this where I saw train tracks but could not remember where or how.

There was more to that dream that I cannot remember but then I woke up at 5am to drive for an hour. During the 1+ hour nap, I had the following dream.

Nap Dream:
I was walking along a beach area with my dog. My husband is also with us walking about 10 feet ahead. We see a beach house, elevated on stilts, painted white on the outside. We were curious so we decided to find the entrance.

My husband found the ladder/steps to the front door. He goes up them first. When I placed my foot on them and looked down, I noticed the ladder rungs/steps were made of large chunks of sale. That meant when the sea water touched the supporting beams and this ladder, the step would slowly erode away. I nudged it a bit with my foot before putting my weight on it. Small bits of salt fell off. I pointed this out to my husband, saying that this was dangerous. Perhaps it wasn’t a good idea to go up. He stands on the platform, looking down at me, one hand stretched out towards me. He wasn’t mad but he was mildly impatient. The look on his face said, “Just stop talking and come up already.” I put my weight on the ladder, the dog’s leash still wrapped around my left wrist and wondered how the dog would follow me up.

Somehow we all made it inside the house. It was dark inside with outdated but cozy looking furnishings. We found the bedroom and went to sleep.

Then I went semi lucid. I could feel the dog moving in bed or in bed in the dream, not really sure which. I also felt my husband’s sleeping body and arm beside me. When I lifted my head from my pillow, at first I saw the dream bedroom, then it faded to darkness and I felt the dog and my husband. That’s when I realized maybe I was becoming lucid so the dream bedroom came back into view.

I got up from the dream bed intending to explore the house and do more. I think I wasn’t quite able to control or figure out what I wanted to do. I was so surprised that I had become lucid. It was so unexpected that I was not prepared. Also I forgot most of what really happened in the dream.

I do remember attempting to conjure up several things or people just to see if I could, one of the people being df. I know that for sure, the rest I do not remember. But the conjuring wasn’t working very well. I remember near the end of the dream that I went back to “sleep” on a couch but husband was sleeping on. He told me, lazily and sleepily, waving one arm at me to join him. I didn’t really want to cram into the couch and be crowded but I was so exhausted I did it anyway.

Busy Station and a Pantsless Time

Dreams 11.03.12
I was inside a big mall or train station, could also be a mall connected to an airport. It was super crowded. I jumped onto a people mover, shuttle train thing. It started to move and I looked around and saw signs to the north west wing, knowing I need to go to the north east exit. The packed people mover was turning around.

With me was my midget jewish buddy (completely fictitious person from my dream) who is loudmouthed and abrasive. He was freaking out because he really wanted to get to the destination but also paranoid that there would be “racist fucks”, in his words, hidden amongst the other passengers. One big black guy sitting right in front of me started to get suspicious and turned in our direction. My little buddy snuck around to hide behind me and another passenger when he realized this.

The people mover went down one level, smoothly, as if we were going down an escalator then went up another track to the same level. That took us to the right wing. We arrived in a lounge area designed for gathering of passengers, a place to wait until the flight/train was ready for boarding. There was an elevator that would take us down to another shuttle which would drive us straight to the plane/train. I removed my one big suitcase from the people mover and dragged it across the lounge. I saw some familiar faces, one was df’s roommate. I mistakenly stepped into the elevator but knowing I’d come right back up, I didn’t try to rush out.

The elevator went down one floor and stopped. The stewardess/elevator operator said I had to put money in the coin slot or we wouldn’t be moving. What a scam, I thought. I fished out a handful of Thai coins and scrambled to find the right amount but all my coins were of a larger denomination than required. There was another person on the elevator, they pitched in and dropped in a coin and expected me to put in the rest. I had no choice but to put in a larger than needed amount. As soon as my coin dropped in, the elevator began to move up but the display on the panel showed that the excess amount had been transferred directory to the elevator company. Then the displayed went back to zero. Scam! But I just thought whatever and got out of the elevator back to the lounge.

Then I saw the arrival of all my mother’s luggage. There was a pile, a couple of suitcases, 3 multi-packs of paper towels, 2 big jugs of water and 4 6-packs of mustard. People started to gather round quietly commenting that it was too much luggage. I agreed with them and mentioned that I told her not to buy and bring all that.

Another dream
I just finished having sex with someone, not sure who, wasn’t even part of the dream. I went to my desk to sit down, with only underwear and a long button down shirt. I leaned back in the chair, a game controller in hand, legs up on the table and starred at the computer screen which was running what looked like Win95.

Then someone tapped my shoulder from behind. When I turned around to see that it was my cousin, the setting had changed into an office. I quickly sat up and rolled my chair close to the desk to hide my pantslessness.

My cousin said I know what happened with your parents, alluding to the fact that they had just gotten divorced. She walked back over to the opposite side of the bank of desks to sit down in her spot. She said we should get together and catch up. I agreed and suggested we invite more family friends so we could all chat.

Car Explosions with Last Chance Coffee

Dreams 04.11.12

I was driving along the highway in a tall dark Jeep. It was a bright day and the highway wasn’t too busy. A car is pulled over on the right side. I think it may have been an old looking, boxy blue car from the 80s. I slowed down behind it and pulled over just to the right of it, real close.

A white car was also on the side of the road in front of us, as if it had spun off the road into the ditch, the front end was facing the road diagonally towards us. I got out of the Jeep and so did the driver in the blue car, it was my husband. We walked towards the white car and stop about 80-100 feet away from it. He must’ve had a trigger of some sort on him because the white car just blew up into flames and a big fireball shot left past us. He told me to move the cars forward a bit and we both got into our cars to do so. Then we stood in front to stare at the white car again. When the trigger went off this time, the car burst into flames and the fireball that shot out came really close to hitting us.

My husband looked at me and told me with his eyes to back the car up to a further distance. I climbed back into the Jeep which did not have great rear visibility. I reversed along the highway for the most part without trouble, until I reached 2 rows of parked cars blocking the road. I stopped before the cars but decided to back up a little bit more. The problem was I floored it too much and backed up over a couple cars. When I realized I had done this, I drove forward over them again and stopped just in front of them.

I got out of the car and to the right of me was some kind of construction lattice thing that led back to the city. It was a meshy structure and inside was a flight of stairs. I was sort of trying to be covert about it because I could see a group of Asian kids walking up and heading towards the city, but I did not want them to know I was behind them. When I got to the to of the stairs, a maid came out of nowhere. She started asking me what dinner she should make, that she would head back before me to start it. She gave me two options. I remember thinking, I don’t know what I wanted for food. It really didn’t matter and she should really ask my husband. I never gave her an answer but she headed back before me anyway.

Then I remember walking downstairs toward a subway station, there was 5 minutes before I had to arrive at a place where I would be taking an exam. I could literally see the train arriving on the platform if I just hurry. However I stopped just before the turnstile and had a “vision”, thought about how awesome it would be to have a coffee and a breakfast sandwich while I was taking the exam. They would allow that, I think. So with such little time left, I turned around to go back up to the concourse area.

I was looking for a Tim Horton’s but what I really wanted in the breakfast sandwich was some greasy meat. I see a fastfood stand with a long line up so I stood in line. Surprisingly it went really fast. When I got to the front, I didn’t even have to ask for what I wanted, they just knew. The girl behind the counter handed me a wrapped up sandwich and a coffee and I was on my way.

Then I was outside what looked like the building of the Union Train Station – it was old. I was smoking outside with a group of people who were friends/co-workers (nobody recognizable). Then a group of 4 cops walk by behind us. One of them steps between me and the guy to my left, to grab the friend directly in front of me who had just tossed a cigarette butt on the ground. He told her that she is being issued a ticket and would have to attend an environment awareness course. I turned around and started explaining to these cops, who were very very tall like 7 feet tall so I was speaking to them with my neck all the way back, that it was unfair for them to do this. I had to go to a course like previously and it’s our employer’s fault for not providing proper ash buckets. They didn’t really seem to care.

Then it was time to go inside to the stadium where a high level exec was scheduled to give a presentation. I was a bit late walking in the stadium but the presentation seemed to be delayed. The stadium was extremely steep. I tried to make my way down to the 1st tier because that’s where I was supposed to sit. However, the steps were so steep and the 1st tier was so far that I felt like I was 100 stories up from where I needed to be. I looked around and saw some other familiar co-workers so decided I would just sit up here. I walked down a few steps, down the super narrow aisle, bumping people against the shoulders as I did and they seemed annoyed with me. Then I finally found a seat.

Riding on the Dummy Train

WILD attempt 04.08.12 – Fail

The attempt failed and I woke up at about 9:45am. It’s to difficult with the dog sleeping beside me, breathing on me, licking me. I think I did start having a waking dream where I was experiencing something, voices perhaps (can’t remember what happened) while I could still feel her breathing but then one sleepy kick from her and it woke me right up.

Dream (sleep in) – 04.08.12

I went back to sleep after. Shouldn’t have because I wasted more time. But then all I would be doing is cleaning the house, eating, making food. I guess that should be worthwhile.

I was in the R University campus after a tour with a group of students. AlbinoD from highschool was amongst the group. She didn’t look like herself but it was her. She was carrying some kind of folding massage table, oddly shaped but without the padding. I tried to help her carry one end because she seemed to have trouble with it but she insisted on doing it herself.

We finally got onto a subway train and she found a seat at the back. We chatted and she showed me a map of her classes and her schedule. In my head I was wondering the same thing. Which classes did I sign up for? Where were my classes on campus in relation to each other? When would I have time to figure it out?

The train exited the tunnel and we went above ground. Except now I felt like the train was not fully covered. It was like one of those zoo or amusement park trains that you take with the kids when they grow tired and fussy to shut them up. The train was passing through the city, which looked every bit futuristic, everything looked grey. Then suddenly I realized my entire vision was grey all except one small rectangular patch directly in the middle of my field of view. This alone was in vibrant colors. I started to freak out a little but the train went back into a tunnel and everything went dark.

Then I was sitting on a couch with husband at home. Roommate was also there chilling with us and the TV was on. It didn’t look like our real living room. Husband asked what I wanted to do the next day and I suggested we go downtown to the campus area to hang out, make a day of it and I would get to know where my classes would be. He just said, “Naaah.”

I was very disappointed. Then I think I tried to seduce him to change his mind but it didn’t really go anywhere.

Weddings, Waterfalls and Time-Warps

Dreams 04-04-12

I was in a large apartment (HK sized) which had tall ceilings. It had blueish-teal walls and the main living room area was longer than it was wide. Open doors to the left led to a bedroom  and office. The apartment wasn’t bright, the lights were off. It was being lit by the bright light streaming in from the bedroom and office windows.

I had a couple of attendants with me, prepping me to marry a guy called Ahbro Rodro (something like that). The ceremony was the next day. I had no recollection of my future husband or planning this wedding. My head was a mixture of confusion for what is happening and panic for all the things that must need to be done.

As they were brushing my hair, they showed me a video of me and Ahbro while we were dating. He was some random good looking, sorta muscley guy but he looked like a model in a magazine. I was beside him in the videos. I looked good too but also just like a model. I remember asking myself if this was real or fake? Not the dream itself as I was not lucid. I was asking if the relationship with Ahbro and the wedding was real or fake.

I remember visualizing the route that the car would take to pick me up before the ceremony. I (the apartment) was located at the top of a cliff side.  The car would drive a long a winding path that led up to the top.  I was visualizing all this from a bird’s eye view.

Then I was in the city and I needed to make last minute arrangements. I suddenly remembered that I had not confirmed with the make-up artist and I would be screwed. I was standing in an old part of subway station entrance where all around were stone arches, etc. I fumbled for my phone to find the phone number. As I was looking for it, I thought to myself, hadn’t I already confirmed everything 4 months ago? I’ve done this already haven’t I? And I had a mild feeling of deja vu.

Then I saw someone dash past me, turn a corner to the subway platform and darted straight onto a train. Somehow I knew this person and was supposed to follow him/her. So I did. I darted like a bullet that I was somehow able to see my motion blur zoom by. Except when I got to the platform, no train was waiting there and I stopped just short of falling off. I looked across to the other platform and saw a couple other people had done the same thing and they were climbing back up.

Then the dream blended into another scene.

I was looking at the ledge of a giant and powerful water fall, blue-green waters tumbling over the edge. “Zoom” back and I was watching this from a window in a 6-7 storey building. Another balcony was before me so I was using super selective vision or something. The room I was in was dirty and small, it had nothing but 2 chairs. Inside the  room with me was Yolandi and Ninja from Die Antwoord. They did not speak, just looked at me expectantly.

Then I looked out the window again and saw at the bottom of the falls that people were climbing out from the water, completely drenched but exhilarated. It looked like a good challenge and I considered doing it. Then I somehow set out to do this challenge, the details I cannot remember. However, it involved me going through some kind of time-space loop doing things withint the low-rise building I was in and ending up back in the room where Die Antwoord waited. I don’t even think I actually did any challenges but I just had the feeling of being “sped-up” like video footage then ending up in the same room. Each time I arrived there, this happened about 2-3 times, Ninja and Yolandi looked a little more pale, with a little less hair and more gaunt.

Dreams 03.08.12

Dream 1:
My mom was throwing a party at her classy apartment. Dear friend was my bf in the dream, he was also invited. I ended up schmoozing w my mom’s friends and didn’t get the chance to spend much time with him but I really wanted to. I felt bad but he mingled with guests well and we would just look at each other across the room with knowing smiles.

Dream 2:
First part of the dream I can’t seem to recall.

I was walking through a street full of ratty children mostly boys playing. The alleyway was so packed with kids it was body against body, moving against the tide. Finally found and made way to the entrance to a subway station. I didn’t really know how to get to where I was going but I was travelling with another girl (who I think was going to same place I was). I was going somewhere important anyways and following her seemed like it would be the right direction.

At arrival, turns out I was going “home” to take back all my stuff so I can leave and be with dear friend.

I went in through the basement entrance. There were a couple of ratty kids in the playing with toys as weapons, playing, hiding behind furniture. I picked up a couple long sticks (kinda like misshapen kendo swords) as weapons. I played with the kids with the sticks for a bit before I went upstairs.

At the middle landing at the stairs, a woman who I expected to run into but hoped to avoid was waiting for me. I stopped her with the long sticks before she could approach me. Then I jumped and wrestled her to the floor, straddled her chest and gave her punches to the face. When I stopped, she looked up at me with the black eyes I gave her but I could feel that she wasn’t fighting back with full strength. Then I just left her there on the floor. I grabbed whatever I came to get, something small (didn’t even see it).

I left the house and walked out quickly and tried to be inconspicuous, walked down a slope and there were two guys behind me talking, walking the same direction. They were talking about some guy saying that he had insulted his gf because she wouldn’t do something or whatever and the guy with the gf described the bad experience as it was like the bad taste of licking brown nuts. I whipped around and said jokingly but defensively, how would he know?! The guy behind laughed in surprise.

We came up against a mid-height mesh fence and I hopped over it sooo effortlessly, then started to jog up along the path. I remember being very proud for hopping over so easily.

That is all.

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