Shooting ‘Round the Neighbourhood

Dreams 10.18.12
It was fall time. I am running through a neighbourhood to a house that felt like it should be home. The streets had lots of trees, leaves rustling. I stop at the corner of a group of town-houses (a shortcut to get there faster) and I pause, catching my breath.

Then it’s early winter. I am going through the same neighbourhood again in a vehicle, looking out the window. I am in the passenger seat, not driving (not sure who was). I watch as another little asian woman, stockier than me running through the same route as I did before. I am her and me at the same time. Again, I get close to the house but stop at the corner, catching my breath, not reaching my destination. In the vehicle I think to myself that the house is close to the subway in distance but not enough. It would seem very far in the midst of winter and that walk would be a drag.

Now it’s midday, maybe spring. The leaves are greener on the trees. I am going to a house in a silver SUV. My mother drove. We park on the street corner about 2 houses down from our destination. We see a car go behind us and pull into the driveway of the house next to ours. We waited and watched before walking towards or house because I did not want the neighbour to see us. As we stood waiting I had a flash of memory that we had done “this” before. “This” being that we’ve shot a scene of the indie movie on our front lawn. I saw myself in the scene (may have been a commercial) dresses in black gothy clothes with medium length blue dyed hair, pale-ish make-up on.

Then we walk towards the house and my mother actually approached the neighbour still in his car and asked if he wanted to help during our shoot. I was annoyed but didn’t say anything.

Then we were inside the house that would be the location for the shoot. We were just using a very simple camera. I setup the shot, camera position, which would be static. I would be in the scene and all my mom had to do was press record. I was pacing back and forth as she ran off to another room with the old dude (the neighbour) to look for an unnecessary prop – a little spoon spatula thing. You know sometimes when you are at a beauty counter and the person scoops out a little sample of cream out for you into a little sample tub? That thing. I went to the door of the room where she and the old dude were. They were kneeling on the floor, backs toward the doors, looking through the piles of paper and whatever other shit accumulated in that room, for a tiny little spatula.

I wanted to tell them to just forget about it but she WAS being super supportive of helping me shoot this useless video for whatever purpose. So I went back into the next room and called my sister. We talked on the phone for a little while. I think I was opening mail which may not have been hers and telling her what the contents were. I also told her mom was looking for a tiny spoon.

Then the doorbell rang and I opened the doors to the kitchen into the hallway. I was in the house that I grew up in. My current dog trotted towards the door and paused to look back at me. I saw the old dude approach the door from the left hallway to open the left door while my mom opened the right. Even though my dog wasn’t trying to dash out, my instant reaction was fear. Fear that she would dash out of the house like my dog used to do, the one I had growing up.

It was bright outside. I could see the light spill in through the open doors. Someone was coming up the walkway towards the storm door but it was so bright and I was only halfway down the hallways that I could not make out who it was.


Lawn Party and Overstaying My Welcome

Lot of bits and pieces again. I can’t remember if this one was the day before my flight or the first one of the flight. Nevertheless, here are the various scenes I can recall.

Dreams 08.31.12
I was sitting on an old couch in front of an open garage or storage unit’s sliding door, on the lawn. It was being thrown out. Around me a small hippy lawn party of about 10 to 12 people were happening. Everyone was giggling, laying, toppling covers the arms of the couch, just hanging out. I wasn’t really engaged in any one conversation. I was just enjoying the company taking it in.

Another scene: I sat in a white room, on a stool. Behind my head was a long rectangular opening in the wall, sunlight shone through brightly, casting a rectangle of light on the opposite wall. Underneath the light rectangle, sitting across from me in a lower stool was a man. We seemed to be locked up together in this room. I was upset with him, i felt betrayed and I questioned him, “Why did you do it?  Why did you rat them out?!”

He looked up at me, chin up, eyes narrowed, defiant and indignant all at once. Either he said it out loud or his expression said, “What would you have done?” I did not answer. In my head I just tried to puzzle out what went on in this man’s head.

Another scene: I was in an apartment with worn, hardwood floors, a long hallway that led to many rooms. I was visiting someone but also seemed to have spent a lot of time there as if I had lived there at one point. I was in a larger room which was mostly empty. There was a box and a few items on the table so I proceeded to pack the things away.

Some time may have passed and I was in this same space. It seemed to be a girl’s dormitory at a school. It was empty in the summer and school was almost starting again. I was squatting, staying without paying rent in secret. There was a knock on the door. I didn’t answer at first. Then whoever was outside yelled out, saying they knew someone was inside. I unlocked the door, opened it a crack and backed away a few steps.

A tall man entered the room. He had an air of authority about him but he was not menacing. He was just a man doing his job. When he saw me, he seemed to know what I had been up to, sympathetic but he waited without asking to hear my story.

I politely led him to the bigger room of the apartment. I do not remember the details now but I think I either spilled some ink or some water started to leak and pour from the ceiling. Basically something was spilled and made a wet mess.

That’s all I can remember now.

Dip in a Dark Pool

Dreams 08.11.12
Last night I slept on the couch but had a really hard time sleeping. I twisted and turned for many hours. By the time I drifted off to sleep it was about 4 something in the morning. I dreamt that I was in a very small pool/large hot tub with my sister. We were splashing each other making jokes. The pool room was dark with a faint diffuse light that seemed to only touch the pool area. I couldn’t really tell if the surrounding walls were really dark grey just a few feet back from the pool’s edge or it was actually just darkness.

My sister was at the end of the pool and I was in the middle looking at her. On the left side of the pool out of the corner of my eye, I saw a skinny brown dude just wading. He looked kind of nerdy and had his glasses on. He was fumbling to take it off and set it aside. I leaned back, floated on my back for a bit then let myself sink and be submerged in the water. I think I stayed under a little longer, seeing if I would drown. I stared up at the ceiling through the water, vision completely blurred. That’s when I told myself “You are dreaming. You are dreaming. You are dreaming. Control yourself.” But I didn’t really have a goal of what should happen.

Then I heard footsteps, someone coming into the kitchen (right beside the living room where I was sleeping). I don’t think my eyes were actually open. I thought and was afraid that husband had come downstairs. I did not want him to see me and be annoyed that I was sleeping soundly but I just didn’t want to deal with him. Then I thought I saw my dog (with my eyes still closed) climb up the couch to the blankets by my knees. But I didn’t feel any weight. Then I think I woke up and wasn’t sure if anyone or the dog actually came downstairs or not. I think at some point I checked the time. After a little while, I did eventually drift back to sleep.

So for a few seconds at least, I knew I was dreaming so guess that counts as being lucid.

Sugar daddy drops me off

Dream 04.14.12

I was at a shoe sale with a guy I was seeing and a female relative. She isn’t someone real but her presence was a mix between my sister and my bestie – someone who wants me to be cautious, will watch over me but won’t be too judgemental. I think the guy was being a sugar daddy and paying for all the shoes I chose.

After the sale, we were in his chauffeured car, which was going to take him to work and us to training. We were athletes of some sort and he was a higher-up in that athletic organization. My relative was in the left rear passenger seat. The guy was in the middle and I was on the right.

I was beside him leaning on him and we were “talking” with our eyes somehow. We were getting closer and in my comfort I was slouching on the seat, sliding further and further down. I looked up at his face and he looked down, our eyes never leaving each other. The sunlight was strong outside, it silhouetted his face and cast shadows on it so it wasn’t clear. He wasn’t recognizable as anyone I know in real life. From what I could make out, he had dark curly hair, at least wavy. Anyway, the aura of this person felt like Kevin Pollak. How? He was intelligent, charming but not outstandingly good looking, gentle and emotional, confident and powerful. He was someone who could easily use these resources to manipulate but did not.

Anyway, us locking eyes in that position was a beautiful and intense moment. I reached my right hand from his chest up to his cheek. I pulled/he lowered himself down to kiss me. I get shivers just remembering this part of the dream again. After the kiss, he whispered while smiling, “What’s up with this coupledom?”

I wasn’t “put off” by the statement, more like I was processing how to respond. I climbed up from my slouched position, sat on the edge of his knees, facing him. I looked him in the eyes and hesitantly said, “I can…slow down, pull back…see each other less…” He smiled like I said something silly. His hands were around my waist feeling the small of my back, reassuring me (it felt so good!). He said right into me, to my silly soul, “No no sexy.” We stared into each other’s eyes like this for a while, letting the tension build, just wanting to jump each other right there. Then suddenly the car stopped, we had arrived at our destination. I quickly got off his lap and he either zipped up or checked his fly.

He opened the door with one hand and I kind of rolled out the door intentionally, some stuff fell out with me. The car pulled forward so I could see what rolled out. I picked up a pair of my new shoes, his shoes and my relative picked up hers. When I looked up, he and the car were gone – a busy man.

I hurried inside the building because I was already late for practice/class. It was some kind of mixed setting of sit-down theory and physical martial arts class. I walked in to a gym, the floor had blue mats, the rafters were tall and steep but they were also covered in blue mats. The “seats” were more like standing seats.

I climbed up one step and tried to get by one person to find my seat and this bitch would not let me pass. In the end I made it pass her and found my place. Then as the instructor spoke, in my mind I was seeing the practice rounds. It was like an obstacle course set upon a round running track. One portion of it involved a 2 person basketball game. As long as you scored some technical points with a few baskets you can move on to the next obstacle. That’s all I remember.

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