Finding What’s Mine

Dreams 03.22.18

I was an “old” student, my age now, enrolled into some program for college/university students. With duffle bag and pillow in tow, I attended what can only be described as a massive house party in a giant mansion. Everyone else there were twenty somethings also attending this program’s kick-off sleepover party.

Lights were off in general and everywhere it was dimly lit by low lamps, candlelight or fire pits. As I walked through the garden towards the house, I recall seeing a long dark haired man or woman spinning poi or meteors.

Inside the party, people and luggage were sprawled out all over. It looked like everyone simply placed their belongings in a spot to “claim” as theirs, which presumably would also be their spot to crash for the night. I had people that I sort of knew at the party so I hung around their little circle and placed my duffle bag, pillow and crazy galaxy color print hoodie near their stuff.

Whatever I was on, drinks or maybe drugs, although I never once imbibed in the dream, my mental state was definitely elevated. Perhaps it was just from the atmospheric fervor of the party. I recall walking around, on tables and counters, super confident, surveying the crowds and looking down to see things I wouldn’t otherwise have seen if I stayed at ground level, being physically short as I am. I felt on top of the world, older and wiser than the young’uns that surrounded me and I was having a blast just being.

Then I suddenly noticed that my duffle bag, pillow and hoodie were not where I left them. I walked around everywhere but could not see any trace of them. Returning to the group of people I had befriended that night, I waited for an opportunity to insert myself into the drunken conversation.

One of the people in the group was a pretty tall man who hunched over slightly. I had not met him yet. When I asked the group if they had seen my stuff, specifically describing the coloring of my hoodie, this tall man stood up taller (he was probably 7 feet tall) and then looked right into my eyes, took my hand, crouched down to my level and whispered into my ear. Whatever he said I do not remember but it was flirtatious and possibly even salacious. He indicated that he either knew where my things were or that he could help me find them. It wasn’t exactly clear what he said honestly but in the dream, I was titilated at the attention he directed at me but I was also weary of it, not really wanting it at the same time. The prospect of going off into dark, unknown territories of this mansion with a strange giant of a man was intimidating but I did really want to find my stuff.

I think I indicated or gestured that I would accept his help but instead of allowing him to lead me through the mansion, I took his hand instead and took the lead. I remember walking into different parts of the house, places that looked like a giant warehouse, the pool area and other parts that I cannot recall now. At no point in any of these rooms did I notice the giant man with me so perhaps I “lost” him but it didn’t matter to me at all. I was now on a mission to find what was mine.


A Security Meeting

Today’s poor recall left me with only the location and a few people. What happened in the dream has been completely forgotten.

Dreams 07.24.12
I arrived at a big warehouse rave to meet some of the biggest DJs (one of them was Skream). When I meet them in the booth, overhanging the sea of people below, I had a feeling I was there as some kind of security consultant. I also have a vague images of arriving at the warehouse during daytime on a bright but overcast grey day, in the middle of a vast empty field. The area around the warehouse was all paved, like a compound.

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