Say No to the Coach Bus and Video Game Fun

I can’t quite remember the part before this dream so I won’t attempt it. I just know it ended up with me and my crew (I don’t mean that in the “street” way) boarding a coach bus that was going to take us “back”. I got on the bus first near the front and I think my husband took the seat beside me so I was by the window. A long line of people were slowly making their way to fill up the back of the bus. A few of our crew members got on but the lineup to the back stopped, backed up. I exchanged looks with one particular crew member who waited in the aisle. He was tall and looked like Pearce Brosnan. We communicated non-verbally to let’s get the hell off this bus and take a car instead.

We walk up to a car in the parking lot with our duffle bags. I see a white car just pulling out. I could see the background, we were in a tropical location with palm trees everywhere and it was drizzling. It was df in the car. I waved, he saw but did not wave back and as he drove away I saw an unknown girl in the passenger seat.

Then finally I pulled up to our house in a car, don’t know what happened to the Pearce look-a-like. Inside, in the living room, the layout was different. Instead of the L-shaped couch and ottoman and tv, it was a much smaller room with a light grey couch about 5 feet from the tv. At first I sat on the couch with a couple of friends. Then the 2 sitting on the ground put in another game. I was excited to play so I got up and joined them on the ground. I expected the game to be like something I’ve played before and I would kick ass at it. I even had the visuals of what it would be like all ready in my head because I was so psyched to play. It would’ve been a Metroid for Wii-like game. Instead it was a top down isometric view game where I was a “supply robot” making my way through a factory with sliding doors and I was required to go through a bunch of repetitive tasks. One particular example I could remember was spearing weird trident-like objects off the wall and placing it on another wall.

I remember being disappointed because the game wasn’t like what I expected at all but it was still fun in its own way. And the art style was more interesting and different. I thought to myself that this must be the kind of robot that Bender from Futurama had to be, thus the reason he drinks.



I was playing a top down video game, an action-rpg but I felt directly connected to main character. it was 8 bit. I was a spearwife/huntress against a all green grass area, roaming and looking for animals to hunt. The object of the game was to hunt either dinosaur or lions, big game. I was wandering for some time and couldn’t find anything. Then my game playmate who was sitting beside me in a car suggested that I drive elsewhere.

We were at the top floor of a parking garage. I drove and turned many tight corners. I didn’t know where I was going so was lost. I kept driving down the levels while wandering in the car.
We almost turned down a ramp going the wrong way and I had to back up and turn around. Finally, we made our way back to the top level.

Then it was back to the top down mode of the game. This time I got lucky and I slayed a bear or some other big game.
Then I went on and killed everything in sight: rabbits, fish, cats, stuff that was small and weren’t worth a lot of points or gold.

Next I was in a building all made of concrete on the second or third floor. the building had no walls so going to the edge of a floor meant you could just fall off. I approached a cart covered in a white plastic sheet that was wavering by the breeze. In front of it on the floor were Legos or some other small toys. I either yanked the sheet or kicked the cart to try to reveal what was hidden from sight.

I don’t remember what happened after that.

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