To Catch a Sex Demon

Dreams 11.30.12
This was a strange one…I’m not sure how much of it I “filled in” during recall.

I was in old timey feudal times China. I was all armored up, leading a charge up an octagonal tower with green singles that was about 8 stories tall. I had a handful of soldiers with me. They ran up before me.

We were there to arrest someone known for capturing and raping virgin girls. When we got to the top floor, the rapist was dressed in rich looking clothing, styled like Hanfu from the Tang period, all in dark pink. When we charged in, he was canoodling on a platform bed with 3 girls all in various stages of dress in flowing silk robes. They all seemed to be willing participants. When the girls saw the soldiers, they screamed and ran off.

The “rapist” seemed confused but still merry. He waved his arms after the girls when they ran, rolling around drunk on his platform bed, decorated with hanging curtains from the ceiling. His cheeks were rosy and his eyes were half closed. I stood over him watching. In my role of enforcer/judicator, he just looked like a rich, gay, asshole and I wanted to slap him around, tie him up and torture him. I watched him for a bit unsure what to do. He wasn’t doing anything illegal in that particular moment.

Then he sat up abruptly, apparently the drunkiness wore off. I jumped back down onto the floor. He grabbed a maroon coloured square pillow beside him and spun-threw it in my direction. I dodged out of the way. Where the cushion landed on the floor, demons appeared and began to howl and growl. They were a dark brown color, with little flesh on their bones. Their skin was overstretched across their skeletal frames, it looked like wet leather. They had horrible, distorted faces. After their fit of howling and revelling in being summoned, they turned to me and eyed me as if I was their next meal. They did not come at me right away though. They waited patiently for their master’s orders.

As soon as they appeared in the room, I could sense their energy to be a bad one. It was predatorial and violently coercive. I knew then that the “rapist” was not the one actually raping the virgins. It was he, a higher level sex demon who only seduced the young girls first, feeding on their desire. Then he summoned these creatures to take them by force, violently, ravaging them so they could feed on the violence and the action of “taking”.

I don’t know what happened to me after that because I think I woke up to the alarm.


The Blue Room

Dreams 07.09.12

There were four of us: me, bff, ED and roommate. We just walked into a party, weaving through the crowd, walking hand in hand in a dank underground club. All walls were painted a deep blue like the color of roommate’s room. The place was packed and everyone were definitely crazy high on something. We wove around one group of people and just as I was passing them, a girl collapsed on the floor. I paused and looked back, wanting to help. ED was in front of me and he squeezed by my hand tugging at it. I looked at him and without saying a work he was telling me to just keep going. I hesitated and looked back again. Some people had crouched around her and she was just pushing herself off the ground. Seeing her awake, I felt relieved so moved on.

Then we walked into another room from the hallway, it’s still all blue. There was a small bar counter in the middle of the room. There were crows of people all around. We walked up to the bar. ED asked the bartender for a mixed drink. The bartender started to put ice and in drink, then got distracted and walked away to go get/fix something behind up. Then ED hurried behind the bar and started free pouring into his glass. I knew we were basically stealing and I shot him a panicked look. He didn’t seem to notice as he worked quickly, unscrewing a tonic water bottle with his other hand, almost spilling it. bff lent a hand and held the bottle down for him. The bartender was returning.  I looked back towards where he was. He passed under a TV mounted in the ceiling playing some show or movie that had Christopher Lloyd and Hayden Pannetiere. My eyes darted to the TV briefly and saw that it was some horror/slasher movie. I turned back towards the bar and gave my friends a look to alert them. They quickly tried to put everything back the way it was but ED dropped a bottle cap into anther bottle.

The bartender returned, back to his position behind the bar as if he’d never left at all and continued mixing a drink. I just turned away from the situation and looked at the ceiling mounted TV. I became engrossed in the action on TV. There was a lot of blood.  I just remember a scene where Hayden Pannetiere was all bloody, she was crouching then struggling to push herself up. There was a close-up of her face as she got up, she was looking upwards, at something. There was a shot of Christopher Lloyd watching her and whatever she was looking at. Then back to Hayden still watching this thing, not quite terrified at this thing but definitely stopped in her tracks as if she didn’t know whether to run or fight.

Friends and their habits

Dream 05.06.12
In bed, with a friend/boyfriend (unclear in dream context), a mutual girl friend and a big obese guy was in the corner. A guy is speaking in the other corner entertaining us but the obese dude kept interrupting with loud one word shouts that didn’t even mean anything. The entertainer wasn’t sure what to do and I end up saying some witty insult that shut the obese guy right up.

I go to washroom then come out to find my friend/bf wrestling playfully with the girl. I was jealous. I get in on the play fight but swiftly exclude the friend/bf. I become more forceful with the girl and tackle her, pinning her with my hands around her neck and chest in a threatening manner. She laughs and shrugs it off a if it is nothing.

Another time, the male friend and the girl had hooked up and now sort of an item. The three of us were out around town together. There was somewhere they wanted to go that would take a few hours and I didn’t want to. So we decided to split up. They ascended a flight of stairs off the sidewalk and stopped just before entering. They looked back at me and the male friend asked if I was sure that I didn’t want to come with. The girl said something along the same lines but her eyes said “You should stay where you are. I’ve got him now.” I repeated that I’d rather explore on my own. I really wasn’t jealous and couldn’t care less. in fact, in my mind I was thinking of a bar a few doors down that had a hidden backroom where they had private sex shows and more. I was thinking of going there to find some excitement and maybe pickup a random.

When they disappeared behind the entrance I walked down the street looking for this bar. There were other bars and eateries there but it looked like everything was closed. It was about 5pm. I started to think maybe my bar would be closed too. When I got to the bar’s entrance I was right. It was too early and they didn’t open for another couple of hours. I was very disappointed.

Later still, we (including the guy and girl friend) were at a mansion/hotel owned by a friend. We had been drinking and everyone was a bit drunk sitting around a table. I was starting to get a but bored as the alcohol was wearing off. Two new people arrived, it was my husband and roommate. They sat down around the table. We were all making smalltalk and I got up to leave but could see that roommate was a bit off. I asked if he was alright and he slurred a yes. But my eyes zoomed in on his face and looking at his skin, eyes and his pores I could tell he was fucked up on some other drug. I was a bit worried.

The next part is hazy. I think roommate went to the washroom and I was waiting for him before I left. But then I was actually waiting for the girlfriend from before who had locked herself or holed up in a side room down a hallway. I think if anyone tried to go in she would go nuts and start screaming.

I just remember clothing that was stretchy, tied to a doorknob, to fashion a slingshot of sorts to fling stuff inside the room to her to scare her out or something like that.

Dreams 03.31.12 (Night)

Before I fell asleep, husband was talking about zombies so much. So guess what I dreamt about?

Again I don’t have much detail from the first half of dream but I will recount as much as possible.

I was visiting a friend’s house with another friend (a guy – who I cannot remember). It was a gathering of about 10-12 people for a casual dinner party. Sometime during the walk-about dinner one of the guests turned into a zombie and had bit and infected several other guests. Thus the running for our lives portion begins.

Me and the guest I arrived with ended up hiding in the upstairs washroom. Through the door we could hear the zombies attack and infect the remaining guests. There were sounds of screaming, fighting and gurgling bloody flesh. We could hear the house become quiet and through the window, we heard the group zombies go outside in search of more human flesh.

We slowly emerged from the bathroom peering around each corner cautiously. Then one stray zombie came out of nowhere and attacked us both. I picked up a random bloody axe on the floor and hacked away at its torso. I remember my chops except the first were all clean and I had almost completely chopped it in half as it stood.

I felt a hand grab me to tell me to run and so I did. When I looked back to acknowledge my companion, I saw that he was being eaten alive and I would not be able to save him. I turned in shame and terror and just kept on running.

Then I was arriving late to the airport. It was 20 minutes before the scheduled flight time when I arrives at the gates. When I tried to pass, my passport, tickets and papers were presented from my hand to the flight attendant but they weren’t quite it order. This tal, snooty black bitch looked at them, scoffed at me and made me put them in order. Then when I handed them to her again, she let me pass but gave me two receipts then indicated with a simple turn of the head that I would need to use the info on the receipts on a machine over in the corner to properly finish the check-in process.

I kept looking at the time, I had 15 minutes left, and I didn’t even know exactly where the boarding gate was. I didn’t argue and tried to ninja it through the questions and responses on the machine. I don’t remember what kind of questions they were. Nothing made sense. Anyways, another 10 minutes had gone by before I realized that if I had looked at the back of the receipts, I would’ve been done in 2 minutes. Frustrated that I only have 5 minutes left, I sped through and finished.

Then it turns out I had to drive an electric car-pod thing (think Minority Report) between terminals to get to my actual departure gate so I just kept thinking “delay delay delay!” Then I had to find parking. And as I ran up escalators and towards my gate, I seemed to always be against the current of people. There was nothing holding me back or slowing me, just an observation.

I remember the airport, like most in real life, had many large windows so everywhere you looked, the floor was touched with sunlight from a cloudy grey sky. As I ran, I had images of large icebergs and winter storms crashing against the coast (somehow I thought I was in Vancouver), causing a blinding storm with zero visibility, winds hurling the snow at horizontal angles, nothing but a misty wall of white approaching the tarmac and terminal building.

I don’t know if I ever caught my plane.

Dreams 03.10.12 – W.I.L.D. part 2

I was so encouraged by the false awakening, the fact that the WILD technique actually worked, that I was determined to try again.  Forget leaving the house to go out and about!

I went back to try the WILD techniques again. It was much harder this time because I was excited and overly eager (if that is possible than before).

I ended up “waking” up in a bedroom, obviously not like the one in the real world. It was a queen bed, lots of blankets, kind of reminded me of the old bed in the master bedroom in the house I grew up.  Except this house was bigger.  The dog was sleeping with me here too and she jumped off the bed.  I thought she was disturbing me from focusing on lucidity.  At this point, I’m not really sure if I am awake or asleep. I did the hands reality check and my hands looked funny like they were blending into each other but I still wasn’t sure so I opened the door to let the dog out so I could be in peace.  I went back into bed and she had come running back somehow.  Turns out the room had 2 doors to 2 separate hallways.  I let her out again and closed both doors.

I went back to the bed to try again in this part of the “dream” and woke up in a completely different bed.  This time it was a dirty looking room, dark paint on the walls, chipped, creaky bed, etc. I roll out of it and there is another empty bed in there.  I check my hands again and once more they were blendy and penguin like.  I was becoming sure now that this was a dream.  There were footsteps coming down the hallway.  Someone “kicks” open the doors and 3 unsavoury looking men come in.  I can’t really remember what happened but they didn’t seem to want to do harm to me.  Again, in my always sexually charged mind, I think they just wanted to do something with me.  I didn’t think I was in the mood.  I just know in the end I had tied one of them down, shirtless, by the wrists and ankles.  The one that had punky stylings, a tattoo of some words across his chest.  He was strapped down to the bed by some belts or something.  I went up to him before leaving the room and told him I think I met him before, either he went home with my bestie ages ago at a club or at least made out with her.  Well, I couldn’t really remember.  The tall, burly and big guy was just observing in the corner of the room.  I just left the room.

I looked at my hands again I think, because I knew I was losing control of the dream so I really tried.  I tried to visualize a place, mould my dreamscape.  Ended up on the side of a road, kind of barren hill on one side, which had an opening to a big park or yard.  Again I checked my hands and confirmed another time they were being weird.  I think this time I really got confirmation that I knew I was dream.  I recall actually jumping up and down in my dream.  I also think I felt my real body inside my bed at that point responding to me jumping.  Fearing that I would wakeup, I calmed down a bit and walked towards the park.  There I saw these dog-like creatures doing tricks, walking backwards balancing on balls.  Their owners were cheering them on.  When I got closer they didn’t really seem to be dogs at all but they looked like fat shih tzus with puggy noses.

After that I was losing focus again and almost waking up.  The images and sounds were fading in and out.  I really wanted to stay in a lucid state inside the dream world longer.

I tried desperately to think about something that would keep me in the dream so I thought about my dear friend, the good feelings I have with him, the warmth, the mutual respect, connection, etc.  Just wishing I could see his face, feel his arms around me and just be able to stare into his eyes but everything kept slipping away.  I think something else had happened in the dream too but again in a way that wasn’t as vivid as people say lucid dreams are.  Everything was really slippery, control or memory wise.

Anyways, I guess I am happy because of the progress.  Surprised that it is not as vivid as described.  Maybe I don’t know what’s real or never thought “realness” meant anything in the real world because sometimes it feels as fleeting and dreamlike.  I need to either retain more control or at least remember to meet myself, or a guide in the dream.

More practice should do.  I’m not discouraged.

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