Deja Vu and A Missing Car

Dreams 04.06.13

I was driving, making a left turn in my old blue Subaru Forester. It was a wide road with many lanes but  it was not a highway. I believe I was driving around in a small seaside town because I feel like everywhere I looked, I could see the sea in the distance. The sky was always a hazy blue.

I was sitting there waiting for the left turn then all a sudden I was back at home, waking up. It felt like the room I woke up in was in the bottom cabin of a house boat. There was wood paneling everywhere. I went up the stairs and husband was there. He looked at me with a blank but worried look. I don’t remember if he said anything but I understand the look to mean that I had blacked out in my car and has been brought home  somehow.

When I walked past him to the small dining room, there was a huge spread, a feast on the table. There were other people there that I do remember but I am pretty sure my mom and my uncle were there. I started eating the food because I was starving. I sat down as I was grabbing everything in sight. Other people started to eat too but no one seemed to want to talk about what had happened to me. I think they were worried about me because I said I was going out because I needed to go to work and everyone looked at with concern on their faces.

I went to my car again and I remember sitting in the same intersection trying to make the same left turn. Then my sense of time got messed up. I wondered if the previous attempt to turn happened on this same day or not. It’s like I forgot the whole house boat and feast and I just felt a sense of deja vu. Then suddenly there was a time lapse and I woke up in the intersection curled up on the concrete. I opened my eyes and looked around, the cars all around me continued to move but the ones passing directly beside me slowed down to check that I was okay.

I pushed myself up off the ground and found a man on the sidewalk who seemed to know what was going on. He was looking at me as if he had seen everything that had happened to me. So I asked him where my car was. He pointed over in the general direction, which I knew to be the parking lot of a park or a reservation area.  I walked over to with a lot to look around but the lot was pretty empty. There were a few cars on the first level of outdoor parking but none of them was my car. I looked up towards a second level but didn’t really see anything. I hadn’t even walked up the stairs to the 2nd level to really check but I started to panick anyway. I mean where the fuck was my car?

I’m not sure where this part fit in…it may have been part of the house boat. I was staring at a TV screen that was playing the cartoon Magic School Bus*. They were showing a bunch of particles passing through a membrane into the blood stream.

* I’ve recently started a Coursera Intro to Physiology course and had just told my friend that whenever the professor explained these processes, it made me think of the Magic School Bus show.


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