Sunset Meeting at Dogdoo Park

Dreams 06.11.12
I took the dog to visit someone. The meeting place was at the end of a large grassy field. He was standing by a lone white mesh fence, the kind sometimes used for baseball diamonds. He was an older gentleman, white haired, wearing a a light grey or white golf-rain-sweater thing. He basically looked like a model in an old age luxury retirement home brochure. He was a researcher and supposedly doing research about dogs.

It was almost sunset. The sun was low on the horizon. It backlit the researcher’s grey hair and make the green grass yellow and translucent. As I approached, my dog started to pull towards the stranger in excitement. From far away I thought he seemed a warm person but up close, he was actually kind of cool.

We started to walk back towards the field as he asked me a few questions. The first was what is the heritage of my dogs. I realized then that I was not at all prepared. I showed up without knowing what was expected of me and was now fumbling for a complete answer. At first I said her parents were a bulldog and a victorian bulldog. To which he said, so she’s purebred. Then I stuttered and blurted out that maybe she had something else. Anyways, he didn’t seem too interested in my responses after that. He asked me a couple more questions.

Before I even answered the third, one of his colleagues called from behind and ran up beside him. Then they just went off and kept talking. No goodbye, no thank you. I felt like I came out all the way to meet him for no reason. The questions he asked didn’t even seem important. I felt ignored, belittled and put aside.

Then the dog somehow got off the leash and ran even further into the field where there was now a soccer game going on. I ran after her. She stopped in front of a pile of bags and clothes sitting on the grass sniffing them. Then from about 20 feet away, I see that she squats and starts taking a massive shit right beside the bags. I was embarrassed because the teens who were playing soccer noticed this. Some of them stopped the game to come look at my dog abd watched her take multiple shits around. I looked around quickly, how was I going to pick this up. Then I remembered that her leash had a little poop bag holder and the leash was back the other way for some reason, so I went to get it.

When I was back at the pile of clothes, and shit with 2 poop bags. A group of 5-6 teens had gathered and the piles of poo that awaited me were miniature mountains. The teens said, “Whoa, you better find a way to pick that up!” There were 4 piles, each at least a third of the size of my dog. I stood dumbfounded wondering how this little animal iterally shat more than her own weight. I started contemplating how I could get this mushy mess into the poop bags, contain it and not get shit on myself.

There was another significant portion of the dream. I am sure important events occurred in it but I cannot remember any of it.

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