Lakeside Retreat and Wrong Places

Writing down my weekend recalls are tough. I get distracted by the need for privacy when writing out my dreams and mostly by waking up to the welcome snuggles with SFS and the puppies.

Dreams 04.22.17
This was a pleasant dream in general. I was seeing “out” into a pleasant field, backlit by sunlight. There was a small pond or inlet to a lake where are blue rowboat was tied to the tiny dock. I could see a couple of Adirondack chairs by the dock and there was splashing and movement. One of the chairs was occupied by a woman. Then SFS’s friend M approached me and invited me to go join them by the lake from my perch, so he could introduce me to his friend SFS. (I was peering out onto this inviting scene from my porcelain throne in my condo…) I was reaching down on the ground grabbing at something, trying to shove it to the sides so no one would see. When I got up, I was holding what o tried to hide – a pair of shiny black vinyl platform stripper boots that someone had once passed on to me when they decided to retire. I went into the bedroom and tossed them to the side then eagerly ran out to the lake to join the others. I woke up from this dream feeling quite happy.

Dreams 04.23.17
I was either interviewing other workers and cleaners in the house or I was a new cleaner learning the ropes from another cleaner. Lots missing from this recall. I think I was taught verbally what I was supposed to do and where I should be doing it. However I’m pretty sure that when I looked out the window from where I was “supposed” to be, the view out was unexpected and “wrong”. Although the view was still pleasant I remember being somewhat confused about what to do next.

Dreams 04.24.17
Again, there’s lots missing g from this recall. I was on some mission and was at the wrong location so I was out of sorts and unsure what to do.



I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Dreams 10.29.12
What I remember about last night’s dream is that there were variations of a theme where a storm is coming, I am in the midst of it to see it hit and something about the storm turns out to be surprising and wondrous and I have a moment where I get lost in the beauty of it. I only remember pieces of some parts of the dream though.

I am walking through an old city with a group of people like a walking tour group. To be honest, the city looked like how Israel looks in movies. Or the city where the Disney cartoon Aladdin took place. The point is that the houses were sandy colored buildings with squarish holes in the walls for windows. (Sorry if this is totally ignorant of me.) The streets were narrow, some places covered in stone and the whole city was built on various hills so there were inclines and downhill areas on the path we walked along. The leader of the group mentioned that we should head back to a safe place because the storm was on its way. I paused to look out a “window” punched out of a wall that overlooked the city. In the distance there was a mountain so the city was at the foot of these hills.

I could see the dark storm clouds moving really quickly, rolling into the mountain, casting a shadow over the city below, drenching it in rain. Big but sparse droplets had already started falling where I stood. It was almost where I was.

Just beyond the clouds on the left, the sun was setting. It gave the edges of the storm a deep reddish orange glow. It also made the edges of the wet city seem like they were overlaid in gold. I took this in and thought about how amazing it looked. Just then the storm poured buckets of rain on me but I had a smile on my face, one that no one else could see or understand as I alone peered out this window.

In another part of the dream, I sat in the rear passenger seat of an SUV. I was on a road trip with 4 other people. The landscape outside the car was like many scenes that I think come from the movie Twister – vast expansive, moving grey skies and flat green fields. We were driving along the empty highways, very aware that storm clouds hung over us, gathering momentum.

At one point, we stopped at a three-way intersection because we could see a wall of what looked like mist (we knew it was rain) moving from the left of where we were to the right, so coming directly our way. It looked dense. We decided to just stop driving and sit through until it passed so we waited for about 10 seconds and just braced ourselves. It came so fast, it looked like there was a lot of force in the wind. We didn’t expect any windows to break but certainly thought the rain hitting the car would sound like loud thuds in the metal.

As the wall approached the howling sounds of the wind became terrifying. Everyone including me had our heads down, looking at the floor. When the wall of rain did “hit” the car, it was like it just caressed the vehicle and brushed right by us. The wind and sound of rain was still sounded really loud. I looked up and saw dense white streaks (the rain) in front of us.

However, when I looked to the right, down the road, there was a glow of white sunlight behind all the storm clouds and the rain droplets were back lit. I suddenly had this slow motion perspective of the water droplets that had just blown past us. They were like little strings of round micro-pearls, snaked into random configurations. I saw another cluster pass by just at the front of the car and followed it with my eyes. The cluster wiggled around and seemed to be “talking” to me, waving hello and goodbye.

I looked around the car at my colleagues/friends, whoever they were, still hunched over trying to hide from the storm. I looked back out through the front window assessing just how bad the wind and rain was. Then I decided it was actually pretty bad so I wasn’t about to walk around outside, nor should we continue the drive. However, it was too interesting, amazing and beautiful to miss. So I kept looking to the right towards the sunlight and the back lit rain, happy that I had a chance to see it.

Also at one point my dad was in the dream, don’t remember which part, telling me to just take care and be careful.

Crossing a Bridge

Horrible recall again. I didn’t want to sleep last night and stayed up on an internet surfing binge for hours. I think continuously going on random search tangents may have messed with my memory. Finally stopped around 2am, crawled into bed and took a long time to drift into sleep. This is all I can remember.

Dreams 04.28.12
I was either going across a bridge or had crossed a bridge to an island. I was wearing a life jacket at one point. There was a big pool of water inland. The sky was clear blue. I had one name on one side of bridge, on other side I had another. Not sure what happened or the order of how anything happened.

Orgy in the Sky

Dreams 04.05.12

There is a hole in my memory for the first bit. I know there was a smaller dinosaur in this part, something like a raptor but not carnivorous.

Next, I am on a cloud but it feels like a speed boat, flying at great speed across the water. Another person is on a similar craft beside me going the same direction. The ocean is a deep blue and we are heading towards a pink gradient sky. In the distance the gigantic dark grey neck of a big dinosaur can be seen. It’s body is beneath the ocean and its head is in the clouds. Swarms of something blue and purple can be seen in the distance.

As we get closer to the swarm I can see that they are millions of blue moths. One lands on my hand and its wings turns purple. It lingers on my finger for a second then flutters away. I am very excited that I will soon arrive at the neck and enjoying the warm wind and cold ocean spray immensely.

We reach the neck of the dinosaur which at this point no longer seems to be a dinosaur. I just see a thousand silvery white chains hanging out of the sky from the clouds.
I grip one and it is much lighter than expected. The metal chain is actually made of silk-woven chain links. I wrap my hands around one and start pulling myself up hand over hand.

After some time I am near the top. I cannot yet see where the end is tied to. I had to pull myself over the cloudy ledge. Then I see a teak balcony railing where the chain is tied. Beyond that, a pool, lounge chairs, and a beautiful house is in view. All around an orgy (no sex, just a wild drunken party) was taking place.

I hurl myself over the balcony and land on the floor then wander around the premises for a bit. I eventually wander inside the house. I enjoy the party for a bit and suddenly one of the hosts inside announced there would be a lockdown. “They” were coming to inspect. Quickly, people placed holiday decorations (christmas, halloween, spring, fall, all holidays) all over the house which I noted had very high ceilings.

I stood in an open area between the front entrance and dining room. Looking up above the host, I see the chandelier now covered and draped with more Christmas tinsel. I insult the host and say they are evil because they were lacking easter decor. The host begins walking towards me but there was a loud thud and the whole house shook. I rush to the front door to look out and the house was back on the ground, no longer in the sky. No one was coming to “inspect” anymore.

I wander the house some more and find a small closet and a room with a 3 level bunk bed. Then I had the feeling (saw it in images) that whoever resided in the beds had been forced into the closet, or switched places on the bunk beds to be molested and abused by the father figure of the house. I was creeped out but not scared and was curious to know more.

Weddings, Waterfalls and Time-Warps

Dreams 04-04-12

I was in a large apartment (HK sized) which had tall ceilings. It had blueish-teal walls and the main living room area was longer than it was wide. Open doors to the left led to a bedroom  and office. The apartment wasn’t bright, the lights were off. It was being lit by the bright light streaming in from the bedroom and office windows.

I had a couple of attendants with me, prepping me to marry a guy called Ahbro Rodro (something like that). The ceremony was the next day. I had no recollection of my future husband or planning this wedding. My head was a mixture of confusion for what is happening and panic for all the things that must need to be done.

As they were brushing my hair, they showed me a video of me and Ahbro while we were dating. He was some random good looking, sorta muscley guy but he looked like a model in a magazine. I was beside him in the videos. I looked good too but also just like a model. I remember asking myself if this was real or fake? Not the dream itself as I was not lucid. I was asking if the relationship with Ahbro and the wedding was real or fake.

I remember visualizing the route that the car would take to pick me up before the ceremony. I (the apartment) was located at the top of a cliff side.  The car would drive a long a winding path that led up to the top.  I was visualizing all this from a bird’s eye view.

Then I was in the city and I needed to make last minute arrangements. I suddenly remembered that I had not confirmed with the make-up artist and I would be screwed. I was standing in an old part of subway station entrance where all around were stone arches, etc. I fumbled for my phone to find the phone number. As I was looking for it, I thought to myself, hadn’t I already confirmed everything 4 months ago? I’ve done this already haven’t I? And I had a mild feeling of deja vu.

Then I saw someone dash past me, turn a corner to the subway platform and darted straight onto a train. Somehow I knew this person and was supposed to follow him/her. So I did. I darted like a bullet that I was somehow able to see my motion blur zoom by. Except when I got to the platform, no train was waiting there and I stopped just short of falling off. I looked across to the other platform and saw a couple other people had done the same thing and they were climbing back up.

Then the dream blended into another scene.

I was looking at the ledge of a giant and powerful water fall, blue-green waters tumbling over the edge. “Zoom” back and I was watching this from a window in a 6-7 storey building. Another balcony was before me so I was using super selective vision or something. The room I was in was dirty and small, it had nothing but 2 chairs. Inside the  room with me was Yolandi and Ninja from Die Antwoord. They did not speak, just looked at me expectantly.

Then I looked out the window again and saw at the bottom of the falls that people were climbing out from the water, completely drenched but exhilarated. It looked like a good challenge and I considered doing it. Then I somehow set out to do this challenge, the details I cannot remember. However, it involved me going through some kind of time-space loop doing things withint the low-rise building I was in and ending up back in the room where Die Antwoord waited. I don’t even think I actually did any challenges but I just had the feeling of being “sped-up” like video footage then ending up in the same room. Each time I arrived there, this happened about 2-3 times, Ninja and Yolandi looked a little more pale, with a little less hair and more gaunt.

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