Boardwalks and Simulated Driving

Dreams 08.26.12
It was night time a and I was walking along a boardwalk/piers/docks (when is it which? I’m talking about a pedestrian area by water but right in the middle of boats and docks). It was a beautiful night. It seemed clear though I didn’t really look at the sky. Maybe it was just clear with purpose. The torches and lights were reflected in the dark water. As I walked briskly following the sound of jazzy rocky piano music, all I heard was the slight breeze and the waves gently rolling over each other beneath the boardwalk. I was heading to a restaurant pub to meet husband and friends (our best man and his gf). The restaurant was built right on the boardwalk, just extending out from one side. Before the entrance was a patio area with tables and dark blue umbrellas. The patio and first floor were for coffees and drinks. The upper level and the stairs leading up had a dark blue painted facade.

I kept following the music upstairs to the restaurant and waited for my eyes to adjust to the darker lights inside. A couple of musicians were playing on the mini stage while some patrons had gathered. Beside them the dining tables were full of people. I saw our friends and husband and approached the table. Just as I got there I realized that I forgot something in the car. I told them I had to go back.

When I got back to the car I noticed that it was not parked properly. I decided to move it. After reparking it, I did something with the middle pedal (why was there a middle pedal!?). I actually unhinged it somehow. The car suddenly locked up, the windows became black, the dashboard and all other indicator lights started to glow more intensely with a neon brightness. Then the front windshield which was now black started to have 2 sets of glowing blurry lines that looked like it was a road stretching into the horizon. The engine came on, much more powerful then I’ve ever felt it to be. It growled and shuddered, waiting for me. I didn’t know what was going on but I didn’t know how I could reverse out of this situation and unlock myself out of this crazy car. So I did the only logical thing and stepped on the gas pedal.

The neon green lines moving, vibrating. Curves appeared and it actually felt like the car was moving, driving along an invisible landscape somehow intertwined with the real world. The car shook violently because I think in the real world I was crashing it into parked cars nearby. I continued driving along the ghostly neon highway at incredible speeds until somehow, it slowed to a stop on its own and the doors unlocked. When I got out, I saw no damage to the cars around me but many hours had passed.
I went home, back to the hotel/place we were staying to find my friends and husband. When I got there, our friends came up to me asking what had happened. I tried to recount the story to them. Past them, I could see husband eavesdropping but refusing to come into the same room. He wasn’t buying my story. Funnily, when I was telling my friends the tale, I had a distinct feeling as if I was recalling a dream like I do every morning, and bits and pieces of memory were threatening to slip away.


Refuge from Battle and Disaster

Dreams 07.02.12

I had a tiny nug of Mj before going to bed last night. I was fantasizing and my mind was all over. I told myself to remember my dreams or try to be lucid anyways knowing pretty much it wouldn’t work. Whatever it was fun. As I lay there trying to sleep with body relaxed, eyes closed I started to see swirling images behind my eyelids like during a WILD attempt. I was too excited and loose though, kept trying to wrestle with the images. I tried to conjure a face except it kept turning into a giant wrinkly eye.

Anyway I woke up a couple times during the long sleep. Here’s the last one, not too sure what happened in the first part of the dream though.

It was night. I was staying in a large cabin with about 15 other people and a girl who was either my sister in the dream or friend. Either way, she was someone I needed to protect. Everyone in the cabin had gone outside, we were watching a few men have an argument. it looked like the start of a fight. There was a thin layer of snow on the ground. The area was lit by bright stadium type lights in the distance, so bright that the sky only appeared black. It didn’t feel that cold but you could see everyone’s breath in the air.

The fight was starting to escalate and become more physical. The group around the fight kept shuffling around to get a better view. I turned to my protectee and said we should go inside.

Inside, I proceeded to walk back and forth throughout the wooden log cabin, packing thugs into a duffle bag. There were times when I could “see” myself pace back and forth as if from a camera and it’s like the cabin was the cabin on ship at sea. The camera angle seemed to be tilting back and forth. As I packed I kept shouting out to the protectee to see if he/she was packing. I never got a response but I kept yelling anyway. It felt like we were packing to leave this place forever.

As my camera pov tracked with me along the cabin, I could see outside, it had become day time. I saw glimpses of 4 burly armored men locked in a battle to the death with swords. In another “track” the window outside looked like fat moving blue water going over a waterfall, as if the cabin was a boat going over with the water. The final time I saw out the window, the water was calm and shimmering from a low hanging sun in the horizon. It was as if the cabin was floating on a freshly made lake. I saw barren trees with some new growth in the distance along the water’s edge and I had the distinct feeling that this area had just been flooded and wiped clean. Briefly I wondered if the remaining fighters who had bee outside were drowned.

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