Weddings, Engagements and Zoning Out

Dream 05.02.12
My sister/bestie is visiting. They were kind of blended into one character, I’m not sure if it was both of them or sometimes one or the other. We were busy planning activities to do while she was here. My husband seemed to also be around but I never saw him once in the dream. Anyway I was trying to plan all possible activities while avoiding df on purpose. I was feeling a bit sad about it having to do that.

In a parking lot, I confess that fact to sister/bestie. They said they knew what I was trying to do and had considered breaking “us” up (not sure if she meant me+df since we were not together or me+husband) but had decided against it so I would make my own decision.

I was upset that they stood by and did nothing (even though it was my own fault). I ran away from her and it started pouring rain Sister/bestie came running after me.

Then it was bestie n her fiancee’s wedding reception. They are engaged IRL. I was there either with or without husband. I thought he might be there but didn’t really know in the dream. I didn’t see him and felt like I was there alone and was wondering if other people noticed.

Bestie called me over to where she was and she showed me the special dress she picked out for the occasion. I remember thinking it was kind of loud, not necessarily ugly but too much for my tastes. Also, I didn’t know what specific occasion she meant. Then there was an announcement that it was the couple’s first dance. I was feeling very happy for her as she went over to the “front” but then I couldn’t see her anymore over the crowd.

Then I was kind of zoned out at the party and realized bestie needed help with something but I was spaced out and did not come to her aid right away and there was nothing I could do at that point.

I was sitting on a couch just people watching at the reception. Music was playing. I overhear a conversation where they were discussing someone’s sketch and they actually had it in front of them. When I rolled/turned to them to try to join and and catch a glimpse of the sketch, they just kind of turned away and started talking about something else.

Dinner started. Someone down the bench table said something about a store that I regularly go to, that they sell full collections of a particularly geeky comic. I didn’t read the comic but knew of it and was interested but I was too embarassed and didn’t want people to know I went to this store.

Then I overhear another conversation where my old highschool friend Zann’s friends (Zann was not there) were talking about something I knew about. I can’t quite remember what happened here but I don’t think I joined in.

Later on way home on the subway, I run into Zann and we decide to go out and meet up with other people. We went to an underground lounge/bar/drink n draw / karaoke place. Just before we went down the stairs, we both texted people who were already there for the room #. She got the response. When we went in, turns out it was P+K (the two just got engaged IRL recently after being together for many years and at one point things got rocky and had broken up for about 6 months). I was happy to see two friends who I wasn’t close to but have known for a long time. When I saw them and how happy they were together, I felt alone again that I was married but “on my own”. I don’t know if lonely is the right word to describe the feeling. It’s more like I’m not actually “on my own” but it felt that way anyway and I knew it wasn’t the “right” feeling to have.

Then I was riding the subway again. This time I was with my cousin C (who has broken off her own engagement because she knew they were about to get married for the wrong reasons) and another friend who I can’t put a name to now. I was lost in my own thoughts and suddenly realized that they had gotten off the train at their stop. That’s what I deduced anyway since they were no longer on the train with me. I looked out the doors to see if I could still see them but found a very empty platform. I wondered where they were and finally came to the realization that I had zoned out. I felt bad and stupid.


Weddings, Waterfalls and Time-Warps

Dreams 04-04-12

I was in a large apartment (HK sized) which had tall ceilings. It had blueish-teal walls and the main living room area was longer than it was wide. Open doors to the left led to a bedroom  and office. The apartment wasn’t bright, the lights were off. It was being lit by the bright light streaming in from the bedroom and office windows.

I had a couple of attendants with me, prepping me to marry a guy called Ahbro Rodro (something like that). The ceremony was the next day. I had no recollection of my future husband or planning this wedding. My head was a mixture of confusion for what is happening and panic for all the things that must need to be done.

As they were brushing my hair, they showed me a video of me and Ahbro while we were dating. He was some random good looking, sorta muscley guy but he looked like a model in a magazine. I was beside him in the videos. I looked good too but also just like a model. I remember asking myself if this was real or fake? Not the dream itself as I was not lucid. I was asking if the relationship with Ahbro and the wedding was real or fake.

I remember visualizing the route that the car would take to pick me up before the ceremony. I (the apartment) was located at the top of a cliff side.  The car would drive a long a winding path that led up to the top.  I was visualizing all this from a bird’s eye view.

Then I was in the city and I needed to make last minute arrangements. I suddenly remembered that I had not confirmed with the make-up artist and I would be screwed. I was standing in an old part of subway station entrance where all around were stone arches, etc. I fumbled for my phone to find the phone number. As I was looking for it, I thought to myself, hadn’t I already confirmed everything 4 months ago? I’ve done this already haven’t I? And I had a mild feeling of deja vu.

Then I saw someone dash past me, turn a corner to the subway platform and darted straight onto a train. Somehow I knew this person and was supposed to follow him/her. So I did. I darted like a bullet that I was somehow able to see my motion blur zoom by. Except when I got to the platform, no train was waiting there and I stopped just short of falling off. I looked across to the other platform and saw a couple other people had done the same thing and they were climbing back up.

Then the dream blended into another scene.

I was looking at the ledge of a giant and powerful water fall, blue-green waters tumbling over the edge. “Zoom” back and I was watching this from a window in a 6-7 storey building. Another balcony was before me so I was using super selective vision or something. The room I was in was dirty and small, it had nothing but 2 chairs. Inside the  room with me was Yolandi and Ninja from Die Antwoord. They did not speak, just looked at me expectantly.

Then I looked out the window again and saw at the bottom of the falls that people were climbing out from the water, completely drenched but exhilarated. It looked like a good challenge and I considered doing it. Then I somehow set out to do this challenge, the details I cannot remember. However, it involved me going through some kind of time-space loop doing things withint the low-rise building I was in and ending up back in the room where Die Antwoord waited. I don’t even think I actually did any challenges but I just had the feeling of being “sped-up” like video footage then ending up in the same room. Each time I arrived there, this happened about 2-3 times, Ninja and Yolandi looked a little more pale, with a little less hair and more gaunt.