There were Dinosaurs

Dreams 06.07.17

I remember scenes and characters from this dream, possibly not in order.

I was on holiday in a resort or summer home type of house. It was all decorated in a very modern but also classic French countryside style. A lot of white or light colors paired with blue hues in the fabrics and linens. The beds were all king sized, fluffy and super comfortable.

My family, my mom and stepdad, my sister, brother in law and nephew, my dad, and SFS were there in the house. It was midday and we had arrived only a couple hours ago. We were spread out throughout the house, exploring, getting settled. It felt very relaxing. I felt excitement at settling in then going exploring myself to soak in the local sights.

I had laid on the fluffy bed for just a few minutes then I noticed a trapdoor in the ceiling and instantly became a kid, thinking “Cool! A door to an attic in an old house just like the movies!” I got up out of bed and found a way to climb up to reach the door and open it. I don’t really remember the details of this.

Next thing I remember, I had found a dinosaur. It was a raptor I think, although the face was fatter, sized of course just like the 2 who chased the kids in the original Jurassic Park in the final scenes, maybe even a little taller. It was not aggressive, yet. It must’ve been drugged. At one point I think I was holding it, like I was snuggling with it in bed. It acted like it liked me, interspersed with a few snarls and growls (if a raptor could growl). I knew though, that whatever spell this creature was under would soon wear off and we would all be in danger.

The next thing I did, I think, was drape a large white sheet over the raptor and managed to carry it down the stairs and towards the front door. I could hear members of my​ family behind me asking me what’s going on. The raptor was beginning to stir under the sheet and I hurried as much as I could. It was heavy and it was surprising to me in the dream that I lifted it fully off the ground.

As soon as I was out the front door, bright sunlight hit my eyes and I was blinded for a moment. The sun felt so warm and inviting though that I completely forgot my worries about the raptor. When I could see again what I carried was still covered in a sheet but I don’t know if it was the raptor anymore. Around our house was a old town by the sea because I could hear the ocean not far away. The sky was clue with few clouds and the day was just beautiful.

I jumped into the car parked in front of our place. I know nothing about cars but this was a supercar. Inside the driver’s seat was sunken low and everything on the dash, the way the lines and silhouettes were designed, this car was meant to be fast. 

As soon as I started the engine and hit the gas the glass frosted up at the edges and the scene outside the car was still sunny but it now looked cold. I slammed on the gas pedal and the car went as if sliding on two inches of ice, swerving all over the road, which was now a residential neighborhood with surprisingly wide streets. I got out of the car to see what happened and luckily no one was hurt. I could see members of my family walking towards me in the distance, with concerned looks on their faces.


Surprise Bump, Raver Paradise and the Naughty Steam Room

I wish I remembered WAY more detail about last night’s dream, especially how I got from one scene to the next. It was fun, crazy and vibrant!

Dreams 03.28.13

I was in a food court seating area at an airport or bus terminal.  The area was decorated in a modern, clean look. The moulded benches and tables were white (slightly work so some were a bit grey). I was with my mother and I was carrying the tray of food. We were approaching an empty table and I waited as she tried to squeeze into the moulded bench seat. The food court was not particular busy but had enough patrons that we actually had to walk around to find a clean and quiet spot where we could talk. As soon as my mom sat down, I looked to the right and saw my cousin (the middle child of my middle uncle’s family from my dad’s side) and aunt in the next row of seats. This is the cousin who broke off an engagement because she knew that they were only getting married because of time investment and that it just wasn’t right. (Kudos to her! She’s so fucking smart!) They saw me the moment I noticed them and we greeted each other with warmth. I put our tray down and rush over for a hug. First I hugged my aunt, then she stepped to the side so I could hug my cousin. That’s when noticed her baby bump. She must’ve been at least 7 months along and I was so happy for her! I hugged her even harder. She was wearing a light blue shirt with some silly Hong Kong design that made no sense on it but I just went a little baby crazy for 5 minutes and hugged her belly. I think everyone was shocked at how happy and weird I was about this but as I did this, my mom, aunt and cousin just made small talk over my head.

Then I walked into the washroom of the food court. Inside everything was still white. After I was done my business, I reached for the door to go back outside. Just before the door I see a jewelry display bust, with a head, covered in a dark colored velour. On the head was a half finished headdress of peacock feathers and plastic film in the shapes and colors of a school of clownfish. So the effect when i person wears this would be like a school of clownfish swimming through, circling peacock feather, wavey corals. I thought it was beautiful and funny at the same time.

When I exited rt he washroom, I found myself outside, at a big big concert. It’s basically what I imagine electric Daisy Carnival to be link. Except there wasn’t just one big stage. It was a large field with smaller multi tiered “altars” with dancers, shiney things, lights and speakers. The music seemed to pumping out from everywhere and in the air was smoke and lasers. Where it all came from could not be determined. I was only about 5 feet away from one such altar, looking up at the dancers. A lot of them had glow sticks, light saber sized, some had glowing bands attached. The a group of them started to stage dive off the altar, running and flipping out onto the crowds. The effect of the night sky, billowing smoke, lasers, all in combo many I could barely see the bodies attached to the flipping, flying bars of light that was just flying of the stage. It was an amazing sight.

Then I noticed one dancer, dressed in a blinged out white leotard in the style of a 70s ambiguously gay rockstar, reaching for a little white palm sized disk with shiney bits off the floor. As soon as he held it in his hand, the side facing away from him glowed a pale greenish blue light which then beamed out a blinding light of the same quality. The instant it became a powerful beam, the music also seemed to be blasted to the crowd even louder (if that were possible). The disk was a powerful object. I could visually see the dancer struggling to hold his hand up to shine the ever blinding light over the crowed and direct the deafening music at the eagerly receiving crowd. He was “blessing” them with light and music. It was a powerful moment.

When the light was directed in my direction, I closed my eyes to drink in the light and sound. When I opened them, I was sitting on the barrier separating the crowd and the altars, facing towards the crowd. To the left of me was a timid version of Barney from HIMYM, and a little behind me to the right was the brotastic manwhore of regular Barney from HIMYM. I grabbed timid Barney and reached into the crowd behind me to grab manwhore Barney and took them both towards me. I locked eyes with timid Barney and told him with my eyes the naughty things I planned on doing with them both. He looked excited but scared.

Then I was in a white room. It was a large shower / wet room. It was completely fogged up. A shadow came into the room. I couldn’t tell who it was but the person called out my name. I knew that me and the Barneys were in a corner of this wet room somewhere doing unspeakable things to each other in the steam and this unknown person had just interrupted us. This shadow called out my name again. I could see him or her waving their hand around attempting to dissipate the thick steam, it didn’t work. Me and the Barney’s held our breath to stay quiet and I was frustrated to be interrupted.

Running Away and My Father, the Superstar

Here are rough notes on the past two nights’ dreams. I haven’t been writing them down in detail because I’ve been feeling a bit depressed over the weekend. The dreams I would say contributed to the sadness.

I had three different dreams this night, all surrounding the same-ish theme with varying degrees of urgency and emotion: getting away from husband. The details get hazier as the night goes on.

Dream 1
The first was kind of a dream before I really fell asleep. I remember closing my eyes and all the lights in the room were off. It was “pitch black” except the faint glow of my blackberry clock that always comes on when it is plugged in. It was ever so faintly lighting the white mesh drapes tied and hung around our metal four poster bed. As I drifted off to sleep, the dream’s images were formed from shadows and those wispy white things.

Details are hazy but I was literally running away from husband. He was in fast pursuit of me for some reason and I was terrified. Not really for my life in the sense that he was trying to harm me but it felt like I was being run into a corner, trapped.

Dream 2
I was sitting down on a couch with husband, about to watch tv. His wandering hands start pawing at me and trying to grope me. I stand up to reject him only to see his hands and arms have detached from his body, still trying to latch on to me. His face was now a blur but it was still him. I backed away to try and shake off the disembodied limbs but the kept crawling towards me.

I escaped out the back door to the backyard and slid the glass door shut behind me as soon as I could. The twisted, hands and arms were right up against the glass, scratching & pawing like zombie limbs, trying to open the glass door. I stood outside, looking at the limbs through the glass, seeing husband’s blank face and body still sitting on the couch like a rock in the background, unmoving. I was scared but now I breathed a sigh of relief.

The third one I cannot remember details about but I know it was about running away or leaving husband in some way, either literally or figuratively because when I woke up, I forgot the dream details but was unpleasantly surprised at the consistency of the night’s dream activities. It kind of put me into a depressive mode all afternoon.

I had moved back into my mother’s house into a spare bedroom (looked nothing like the real place). It was all white with sheer white curtains and a simple bed. There was a white dresser in the corner with a little CRT TV.

A TV program was on that was a variety show. There was some sining, some dancing. Then a sketch portion came on and my dad was in it, acting. I was very surprised to see him but was amazed to see how good he was. He was acting his ass off and he looked charismatic and impressive.

Then my mom poked her head in the door and commented on my dad on the show. She complimented him and saying he put on the stage make-up on his own as well. She said look closely to see what an amazing job he did because he looked years younger. I walked up closer to the TV so I could get a better look. Indeed his make-up job was fantastic. His face was so smooth and flawless. His skin-tone was healthy. In my head I thought about how his acting lessons have really paid off and how things are really gonna go well for him now after this TV performance.

(FYI – My dad is NOT an actor. He is, in real life, far, far, FAR from the person who showed up on the TV show in my dream.)

Church Plane

Dreams 10.13.12
I was traveling on a plane with my family. Not sure where we were going exactly. I was sitting next to my mom. We were both looking at our respective tablets, her iPad and me with my Nexus 7. Our dinner trays were down and there were several sheets of papers and a pen lying on top.

Skip a bit of time and we were getting off the plane. We had come off the covered walkway and we were now waiting to go down a level to the main concourse, away from the gates. There was a huge backed up line to go down the escalator. So I turned right instead and just kept walking. My dad caught up beside me and asked where I was going. I continued to walk but turned to him on my right. Behind him I see a glass window which overlooked the level below, then across another glass window to the other side, a mirror image in design from where we were walking. I told my dad that there was nothing needed on that side of the store. Everything necessary can be found on this side and the wait should be shorter.

We reached a set of swinging doors into the back staircase area. All the walls here were beaming white. There was still a line up on the stairs but no where near as long or crowded as the escalators. People here also did single-file for the most part without completely blocking the way so I was able to walk down on their left to see if my mom was in line. I dodged and said sorry all the way down as I asked people politely to move or when I bumped into them. Then I was almost at the bottom, I could see the opened doors to the concourse area where the line came to an end. There was a small desk, behind it sat a customs official who was checking everyone’s papers one by one.

Suddenly I had a flash of an image of our documents being on the plane, stowed away with the tv tray with our notes and tablets. I ran back up the stairs knocking a few people over on the way, yelling apologies loudly.

I rushed back into the plane to our seats. When I kneeled down I suddenly realized all the seats were church pews. I was inside what appeared to be a church but I knew it was still a plane. It was contradictory but I ignored it. I kneeled in front of where we sat and started to organize and gather our documents, papers and tablets. Then a person who I can’t remember now but it was a male friend of my mom’s came up to me. He kneeled down beside me and said, “I forgot our stuff too.” Something to that effect. Then he just went away. I continued making a neat pile of our things as quickly as possible. In my head I was frantic, wondering where my mother had gone, how did she, how did we forget our documents? Something didn’t make sense. Was there a time lapse? Something just didn’t seem logical.

There may have been more before what I wrote and after this last bit but can’t recall now.

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