I haven’t remembered much lately. Here are some choppy dream notes from the last few weeks.

Dreams 06.17.17

Running. Hallways, doors, rooms. Being attacked. There were others with me, maybe three. Everything was fake and destructible. Transitioned outside, there were big mountain and trees. Someone in the distance was shooting at me. A distinct image I recall, looking down at an apple, peeling it back multiple times and each layer was browner and browner. It was all fake and all bad.

Dreams 06.21.17

I was in a cave complex. SFS and I were heading somewhere on a “mission”. It was early. I or we were in a shower in dark caves. There was preparation for something. I was about to jump into a car for a long drive.

Dreams 06.28.17

I was an ex special agent or previously trained to be some special spy. I was returning to the training facility. I felt dangerous in a potentially dangerous environment as if at any moment these people who surrounded me, were only pretending to welcome me into their fold and they could jump me at any time. There was a hidden door in a library room. I was waiting in front of it with a former colleague (not a face I remember in real life). There was a security panel near the door and this colleague did something near it or to it and we waited for the door to open to enter the secret facilities. This is when I felt the most vulnerable, waiting.


Creepy Cool Castles

Dreams 05.31.17

Feels like it’s been a couple of weeks since I last recalled a dream so things are not detailed at all, and most likely not in the right order.

I remember there being a portal of some sort, that’s a certainty. One side of the portal led to what I can only describe as a hipster wedding / bake and yard sale hosted in the circular courtyard of a castle. The environment was cool, overcast and damp. The ground was moss covered dirt and the surrounding stone walls were light grey and clean but weathered.

I’m sure I got this imagery from a horror movie where Daniel Craig plays a doctor / (spoiler alert) Baron who experiments on his virginal daughter / wife-reincarnate. There’s a scene where everyone is participating in a candlelight vigil type ritual with flowong hooded white robes. It all culminates with a final ritual in the middle of a circular, tall, stone courtyard. It’s probably not the right word for it but that’s where the portal led.
The other side of the portal I am pretty sure led to just an alternate universe. I believe one side, the people were still the same people I knew, but they did rituals to summon unnatural forces to obtain their goals. There was a creepy, maybe I need to circumvent their plans feel to many parts of the dream. There were also times when I, along with a friend who at that point in the dream was my ally, snuck around as not to be seen by the people we “knew” but they were the summoners, acting out their secret ritual. We knew that if they caught us right then, they would not recognize us as a part of their world because there would be that-world equivalents of us. We didn’t know the exact consequences but it felt deadly.

On the nicer side of the portal, me and this friend (don’t know who it is supposed to be in real life, not even in the dream), we roamed around the bake sale. I saw a tray of yummy checkerboard and spiral patterned, gooey cakey chocolate brownie things. I was definitely going to buy one but the vendor was nowhere in sight so I decided to whip out the old phone camera to post on Instagram. When I finally got into the app to line up my shot, I saw on the screen, my perfectly yummy composition ruined as the nicest piece of cake, the piece I was going to take, lifted out of frame. I looked up to see this arrogant but dapper asshole putting the cake on his own plate. He looked at me like, “What?” and turned to go pay someone for it. I thought I heard him mutter something to the effect of “you snooze you lose”.

Cupid’s Strange Messages

Dreams 12.03.12
Long sleep dream:
I am sitting around a table with a couple, 2 of husband and my closest friends. The male starts talking first. They are both very diplomatic in their approaches but usually the male gets to the point quite quickly if he thinks you can handle it. This time he stutters, saying, “You know, usually a guy…needs…in order to…”

I interrupt him and say, “What is it you want to say?” I wait for the response. He looks at his girlfriend, neither able utter a word. Then I bluntly say loudly, “I just don’t have any desire to have sex with him! There it is. No desire, at all!” Then I slump back with my arms crossed in front of me in a defensive pose.

They were shocked but unsurprised by what I said, at a loss for words. Then there was a long awkward silence.

Nap Dream:
I entered a very simple grey building in a covert fashion and snuck up a few stories. The hallways inside were simple and white, lit by fluorescents. There were no other signs of people in the hallways at all but I kept a low profile anyway and ducked down hallway through a non-descript door.

Inside it was an audio-video recording, editing studio / dormitory. Every inch of wall was covered in some dark grey sound insulating material. It was very quiet and even though there were people talking down some of the rooms or hallways I peeked in, their sound was clear and crisp or muted if they whispered.

I went down every narrow hallway, past cluttered work stations. I went down the camera testing area. There were people I barely knew from my production days there. I jumped up on their desks to get past them to see what else was down the hall. I went by 8 bunk beds built into the walls, surrounded by that sound insulating eggcrate material. It actually looked very comfy and eerily calming.

I was frantically searching for the recording booth because I knew someone was waiting for me there. All I needed to do was find it and I would jump him and we would have crazy sex inside the private booth and recording studio. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself.

As usual, I woke up before finding it.

Friends and their habits

Dream 05.06.12
In bed, with a friend/boyfriend (unclear in dream context), a mutual girl friend and a big obese guy was in the corner. A guy is speaking in the other corner entertaining us but the obese dude kept interrupting with loud one word shouts that didn’t even mean anything. The entertainer wasn’t sure what to do and I end up saying some witty insult that shut the obese guy right up.

I go to washroom then come out to find my friend/bf wrestling playfully with the girl. I was jealous. I get in on the play fight but swiftly exclude the friend/bf. I become more forceful with the girl and tackle her, pinning her with my hands around her neck and chest in a threatening manner. She laughs and shrugs it off a if it is nothing.

Another time, the male friend and the girl had hooked up and now sort of an item. The three of us were out around town together. There was somewhere they wanted to go that would take a few hours and I didn’t want to. So we decided to split up. They ascended a flight of stairs off the sidewalk and stopped just before entering. They looked back at me and the male friend asked if I was sure that I didn’t want to come with. The girl said something along the same lines but her eyes said “You should stay where you are. I’ve got him now.” I repeated that I’d rather explore on my own. I really wasn’t jealous and couldn’t care less. in fact, in my mind I was thinking of a bar a few doors down that had a hidden backroom where they had private sex shows and more. I was thinking of going there to find some excitement and maybe pickup a random.

When they disappeared behind the entrance I walked down the street looking for this bar. There were other bars and eateries there but it looked like everything was closed. It was about 5pm. I started to think maybe my bar would be closed too. When I got to the bar’s entrance I was right. It was too early and they didn’t open for another couple of hours. I was very disappointed.

Later still, we (including the guy and girl friend) were at a mansion/hotel owned by a friend. We had been drinking and everyone was a bit drunk sitting around a table. I was starting to get a but bored as the alcohol was wearing off. Two new people arrived, it was my husband and roommate. They sat down around the table. We were all making smalltalk and I got up to leave but could see that roommate was a bit off. I asked if he was alright and he slurred a yes. But my eyes zoomed in on his face and looking at his skin, eyes and his pores I could tell he was fucked up on some other drug. I was a bit worried.

The next part is hazy. I think roommate went to the washroom and I was waiting for him before I left. But then I was actually waiting for the girlfriend from before who had locked herself or holed up in a side room down a hallway. I think if anyone tried to go in she would go nuts and start screaming.

I just remember clothing that was stretchy, tied to a doorknob, to fashion a slingshot of sorts to fling stuff inside the room to her to scare her out or something like that.

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