Stepped Through the Looking Glass

Dreams 05.04.17
I was in a house, maybe my mom’s house. It didn’t look anything like her actual house. I might’ve just done some physical activity and needed a shower so she offered me to use hers. When I went in there I looked at the shower/tub floor and it looked like there were thousands cut or ripped off finger nails, it looked gross.

I walked through a door into the “next” room but it was another similar room, a mirror image of the first as of I walkEd through the looking glass to a mirror world. In this other world I looked closer at the fingernails but it wasn’t that at all. It was peeling paint or wallpaper of the shower stall, which was fake and non functional. I didn’t know how to process this information so I just left the way I came.

I go downstairs to get ready for work which I knew involved helping out friends. A man who was supposed to be my Dad and SFS rolled into one being, was laying on the couch looking at his phone. I could see dishes and a blender in the sink. I got mad at self because I saw that the blender had fizzy dark pop at the bottom with mango puree floating on top. It was all wasted because there was no way I could blend this without making a huge mess. The dad/SFS man said that he tried to clean it, barely looking up from his phone. I was annoyed that I wasn’t going to get my delicious blended mango drink.

Then I walked to meet my friend downtown to go work or volunteer. We went into a building and took the elevator up to an office. Turns out I was helping someone else with a small film shoot. They put me in the camera department like I used to do but I was unfamiliar after so many years from that type of work. I had no idea how to help so I just hung back and watched. I also realized late that I forgot to turn off my phone too. As I took it out and pushed buttons to shut it down, I felt like people stared. Everyone elsewere go-getters, knowing their place and role on set. I felt like a complete tourist.


Telepathic Symphony

Last night’s recall isn’t the greatest. I think I went to bed too late for the night after a night of interrupted sleep. It’s weird how these things work. Tonight I plan on going to the gym, tire myself out and hitting the sack early.

Dreams 03.26.13
I was communicating to someone, a man, via thought. But I wasn’t even communicating words or images. I was “beaming” him a symphony that I had written in my head. There were many intricate voices doing various trills and crisscrossing harmonies. It was very tiring to convey all this to him. Near the end of this musical one sided conversation, instead of conveying the whole symphony, I sent him the image of parts of the score that represented what I had in my head. Then I gave up on the sending out right, collapsed on a couch on front of him and said, “Sorry that last bit is just parts of it but you get the idea…”

Then either this same man or another said to me how they would rater be working in a dam. Then I had the image in my head of a fly-in of a damn beside a lake/river in the middle of a desert. The fly-in continued into the turbines, right into the gears and moving parts, coming out inside the dam building at the station where a man might work. The sounds of all the moving parts of the dam, this engine, was crazy loud and overwhelming yet in its own way a symphony of sound and movement. Its total effect was deafening and terrifying. I think the man was standing there working at his station with a clipboard. Then he put it down, about to stick his hands on these whole to do something with one part of the engine but I knew he would get hurt. So I “screamed” telepathically to him but he didn’t hear me. Then he stuck his hands in and I “flew out”, the whole dam and desert faded away and I didn’t see the inevitable disaster.

That last part seems a little bit made up to me…becausei don’t remember it exactly as images in my head but when I wrote them they flowed right out. So I’m assuming that’s what happened. Then there seemed to be more to the dream but I can’t recall even the bits now.

A Talk To Fix All

Dreams 12.08.12
I was at work but it was all dark out like it was night time for some reason. During my lunch break, I went outside of the building and see df pull up to the curb in front of me. I knew he had something to say so without worrying about possible consequences I jumped in the car and went for a ride.

There was a long silence and we seemed to keep going around in circles, always making the wrong turn that did not take us back to the office. He seemed nervous and kept looking straight ahead at the road, not once looking at me. When he made the wrong turn again I spoke up, “Do you have something to say?” Then he finally managed to say, “I don’t know how to do this, how to tell (another of my husband’s close friends, who we are staying with).”

I told him, “I don’t think there is any reason or point to tell (friend). He has nothing to do with anything. What’s more important is for you to get a chance to talk to husband. I can’t speak for you about how you feel about all this but an apology of some sort seems to be in order. I’ve already said my piece to him.” He didn’t respond but seemed to be nodding sheepily in agreement.

Then I looked out the window into the night wondering when anything will ever be right again.


Dreams 09.07.12
Brief glimpses of this dream came back about 5 minutes after waking up. I was working on a sewing machine, altering a newly ought dress for my mother. All the while I thought to myself, “Why buy a dress that is so far from your real size jus to alter it until it fits? Look at all the wasted material?”

Then I saw her go up to a cashier to pay for the dress. I saw a close-up of my ID card tucked away in the corner of the cashier desk, on the side facing the customer. Then I was back at the sewing machine working away.

Temptation – Rejected!

Dreams 08.19.12
Gotta make this a quick post, need to go for a run…

I was sitting at my desk at work which faced and was against a window, no cubicle like in real life. Our team all sat in an area where it’s just one big square room with rows and rows of desks. One side had a long window just flooding the entire place with light. On the wall opposite the window was a couch, a counter with the coffee station, water cooler, etc.

I was just sitting there, slouched, staring blankly out the window (sort of like in real life lately). Then one of the guys WP came to talk to me. In real life I had a longer conversation with him on Friday and got to know him a better. The horrible thing is in real life during my resume two conversations, I knew I was sizing him up as a potential mate like a fucking animal. I guess he’s a fit guy, pleasant but also too quirky and annoying at times. I understand everyone can be like that but I wasn’t the least bit attracted to him yet I knew what my hormonal self was up to. So I guess what happens next in the dream is more along the same lines. We walked over to the couch side, sat down beside each other and continued talking. We sat closer and closer to each other and then he looked at me and I think he was about to try and make a move and kiss me. However I put my hand out to his chest and kept him at a distance. I loved the feel of a man’s chest but while my fingers enjoyed the sensations, I was thankful that I did not give in.

Losing It

Dreams 07.29.12
More poor recalls. The only thing that came to mind was a track. Like the running track around a soccer field kind. Everything else is non-existent in memory.

Dreams 07.30.12
I had a tidbit of the last of last nights’ dreams. Then I snoozed and forgot. Here is what I dreamt during snooze:

I was at my cubicle at work and a guy came running up. In my dream he was named a person at work but he definitely didn’t look like that person, kind of opposite in fact. He asked me how good I am at coding, if I left would there be someone who could help him. He seemed panicked. I slowly turned around and said, “maaaybe…what do you need?”

Then he was gone and replaced by another girl, also in his department (she reminded me of a girl who used to work in the Accounting tcompany). That and a little like the character Rachel from Suits. Anyway, she basically started asking me the same question but in a friendlier, more understandable manner. She was sitting being me in a swivelly chair, all ready with a USB drive to show me this “code” that no one could figure out.

The code was simple but while I understood it, it took me a few minutes to remember what it actually meant. Then I explained it to the girl and she reminded me that I actually wrote the original code. In the dream, I thought the code was some form of SQL. Anyway, she said the code no longer worked. After she explained when it stopped working, I was able to determine that it’s because they made changes to the database and they could either move some database fields around or have someone rework the code I originally wrote because I no longer remembered how.

Then we looked behind us, distracted by a noise coming from the office behind. Turns out my boss and her boss were fighting over how to split up my time because they wanted me to work on the code.

Then me and the girl giggled to each other about what idiots they were.

Baaaad recall

Today’s recall was so bad, all I remember is something about arguing on a phone conference, debating the same issue with a client over and over and over again. I really don’t remember anything at all. ¬†Too sleepy, too much distraction and some crying last night as husband and I talked again.

The Future has Fancy Fridges

Dream 05.05.12
I was going to work at a new building this day. My memory of the dream begins as I have just entered the building. it was all white and polished to be shiny. The lobby went from the ground to top floor with each floor having balcony areas that jut out unevenly, in a stacked formation. The basement floor is a reference library for the whole building and it also housed the building’s servers. You can see into the basement like a channel that runs in thr middle of the ground floor, looking down into a pit.

I was a bit lost and didn’t know what floor I was going to. I looked left and right for something that looked like a front desk but it really looked more like a bank teller window. The lady there with glasses looked unfriendly and did not want to be disturbed but it was for something else anyway. Finally I found the reception after roaming the really futuristic looking lobby. It was a very low, kindergarten level low desk by the basement pit. The receptionist looked up at me as she squat in this step stool of a chair knitting.

She pulled out a list to look up which floor the department I wanted was on. At first I got the wrong department name. When we finally got it right I said which way do I go. We look up and the floor numbers were in big letters on the ceiling where the edges of the balconies jut out. The floors numbers went top down.

I go up to find the office and sit at a desk. Then I start doing work on ads.

I am at a house party in a narrow house with a narrow kitchen and hallways. My friend that I was with and I walk through the kitchen and see a big upright freezer. I open the door which makes a hydraulic sssss sound. We walk a little more and see a really ancy fridge. Both sides seemed big on the inside with lots of useable space. I was in awe.

I exit the kitchen and then suddenly I was sitting in the bed that was right there, facing the rest of the party. A coworker sits at edge in front of me I am gesturing and looking up what he us asking me on a holographic screen ala the movie Minority Report, but only I can see the screen. When my coworker got up to get back to the party I turn to the person next to me to explain that I was working on a holographic screen. te person next to me was my boyfriend or husband but not anyone I know in real life that I can put a name to.

Categorizing is Mundane Work

I woke up this morning thinking/dreaming what I wrote below, not even recognizing it as a dream, just thoughts. Then I remembered that I should recall right away but by then a lot had slipped my memory. I lay in bed for 10 minutes without luck and shifted positions to try another 5 minutes. Still nothing. Then I realized that I was either daydreaming or did a gradual dream-sleep to dream-wake state because there is absolutely no reason why I would think the following in a waking conscious state since all of the “facts” were incorrect.

Dream 05.01.12
I was talking to a sales rep who works at a Medical trade magazine IRL, but in my dream, he was with some Construction company listings company. His manner over the phone was not particularly memorable. I only know that I was talking to him. IRL, I’ve never even met him and his name kind of resurface once or twice a year and I always say to myself, I thought he was laid off.

He was telling me to check off the different types of categories that matched with the company he had just sold the listing service to. I guess in the context of all this, I also worked at this listing company.

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